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  1. The Laws of Chica Land
  2. Chica Excuses
  3. Chica Prices - General Discussion
  4. Club Strategies
  5. Are Chicas ever real?
  6. Getting Chicas Pregnant
  7. How much money do chicas earn?
  8. Diseases
  9. Communicable Illnesses
  10. Goblin's Opinions
  11. Mongering when sick - Poll
  12. Travelling with chicas
  13. Managing the threesome
  14. Does this girl have children?
  15. Ripoff Scams
  16. Condom question
  17. Quality Survey
  18. Marrying a chica
  19. Where is your chica while you are in the shower?
  20. Ripoff duo operating out of Excedra.
  21. Bad Chica nightmare stories
  22. Regulars vs. New Chicas
  23. Multi-Hour pricing
  24. 1hr, 2hr hours, etc. What to do?
  25. What do You do with a Screaming Chica?
  26. Dealing with pimps
  27. Ms Sol aka Candela
  28. Hunt's Laws of Mongering
  29. Rating dialog of the ladies
  30. Argentine Recommendations
  31. Hottest of the Hot
  32. Advice for a chica who wants to work in Spain
  33. Paraguayas and Provincial girls versus Portenas
  34. The scenario for chicas with sophistication
  35. What is the house cut at a privado?
  36. Madam-run MPs VS. Individual-run MPs
  37. I just won the Dumbass of the Year Award
  38. Spanish Words
  39. Sampling
  40. Does a non spanish speaker have a shot?
  41. Chica advice for getting hombres?
  42. Invitation to stay with same chica during visit
  43. Computer and Internet Security
  44. Gifts for chicas
  45. Teaching Chicas English Phrases!
  46. Negotiating a Blowjob
  47. Sexually Transmitted Diseases
  48. Price break for touching only?
  49. Palermo / Casitas vs Recoletta or Micro Center
  50. Words of Wisdom: Always negotiate!
  51. Apartments vs Internet vs Cafes
  52. STD checkups
  53. Names
  54. What to do when your chica takes you to Newport?
  55. Age of Consent in Argentina
  56. What are some unusual sex moves to try?
  57. Odd chica requests
  58. Giving Tips / Propinas at Privados
  59. Bringing a chica back to your apartment?
  60. Disguising yourself as a non-Tourist
  61. New Mongering Etiqutte
  62. Ok, so when you get her on the phone.
  63. Emailing vs Calling
  64. Why does it work like it does? What is it like for the locals?
  65. When is the latest time to call
  66. Lots of questions!
  67. Chicas for a few days
  68. Who owns the privados?
  69. 1 hour w anal = how much anal?
  70. Taking Chicas Over the Edge
  71. Ever get this goods for free?
  72. Clients with skin conditions
  73. All-nighers (todo la noche) with working girls
  74. STD Fears
  75. "Love Drops" & 12 hour boners & risks
  76. The pros and cons of enhanced boobs
  77. Dominicans
  78. The Rules of Mongering in Buenos Aires
  79. Chica logic in Asuncion but could be anywhere
  80. Importing a chica to the USA get laid
  81. THE NEW Wy look out ramiero imma going to rock the hous
  82. Facebook
  83. Stripper party
  84. Stalkers
  85. Bb sex
  86. Gato hunter goes to Colonia
  87. Traveling with a chica
  88. Reading the local forum
  89. Black Chica's
  90. 1 hour = 1 intercourse?