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  21. Try to avoid searching for properties in December and January!
  22. New tax on all properties due by September 15!
  23. Average rental price per m2 per barrio (2 year lease)
  24. Words of wisdom from real estate guru "Saint"
  25. Need Help Finding an Insurance Company
  26. The Minimum Value for Paying your Tax on Wealth has been RAISED!
  27. Sellers must NOW REGISTER by internet and DECLARE the value of their property!
  28. Cost of maid services
  29. Tax increase from .75% to 1.25%
  30. BA apartments - how are prices kept so high?
  31. New Laws? 60% state tax when foreigner sells property?
  32. Loan Secured by Real Property-in Baires
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  34. Patagonia Private Mountain Top Land
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