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01-01-04, 01:00
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Sky Ryder
01-09-04, 20:10
Happy New Year to all,

My novia and I tried a jazz bar and restaurant that Roxana had recomended and as usual it was wonderful. The name of the place is Uno y MeDIO, Suipacha 1025, BsAs, phone 4313-0255.

The show started at 9:00 pm and was 5 or 10 pesos per person and included a glass of wine. It was a trio that played somewhat progressive jazz, but nothing too far out and was a very good show. They played for about 90 mins and was well worth the money and time. It is interesting hearing other musicians play a uniquely American style of music and I really enoyed it. It is a small venue, about 30-50 chairs or so.
We decided to dine at the restaurant and it was good as well, nothing off the charts, but a good meal at at reasonable price and the service was good. I had a pork dish that was well prepared and we shared an appitizer of cold cuts and cheeses.
Roxana constanly amazes me with her knowledge of this great town and I have yet to go wrong with one of her recommendations. This is no different. If you want to try something off the beaten path, I would give it a whirl, it was a fun evening!

01-23-04, 14:08
Posta Recoleta

In the center of Recoleta Restaurant Row, just a few doors down from New Port Pub and the corner of Vicente Lopez and Junin, Posta Recoleta is a parrilla that is notable for its fire with rotating racks of lamb and pork aligned vertically in the front window. It has a brick interior.

I had a good lunch here this week, terrific sweetbreads and an excellent steak (called a t-bone on the menu, but in U.S. terms I think it would be called a porterhouse). The filet mignon side was butter tender unlike many Argentine filets, and the sirloin side was of course tougher but just as flavorful. Salad and a drink, I think it came to 55 pesos.


-Uncle Otto

01-23-04, 14:13
Gran Bar Danzon

I will second Amantelondres' recommendation of this combination bar/restaurant. It's on Libertad between Santa Fe and Arenales. It is upstairs through a very non-descript door which you may miss unless you know exactly where you are going.

It was packed to the gills on a Wednesday night with all the beautiful people of BsAs. In fact, I think the ratio was 2 ladies for every gentlemen, skewing to a 30ish crowd. NOT a mongering joint, but if you are a suave and handsome as I am, you might just get lucky! :D

It is loud, and is arranged in what the mood is an industrial space.

I had an excellent sushi combination, my companions an excellent rack of lamb and a tenderloin in phyllo dough in a manner reminiscent of Beef Wellington. With 3 or 4 glasses of wine mixed in, the tab came to about 120 pesos for the three of us. We all thought our dishes were excellent.

Recommended for a high-energy dinner, but beware that it is too loud for a romantic evening. You should make reservations.

-Uncle Otto

01-23-04, 19:16

Sucre is located in Belgrano Chico, address is Sucre 646, tel. 4782-9082.

Run by the same company as the also-reviewed Gran Bar Danzon, Sucre is a contemporary Argentine restaurant. Like its sister it has an industrial motif with exposed catwalks and ventilation shafts.

I had an excellent risotto, my companions beef dishes different from the common "parrilla-style" grilled steaks. Though we did not try them, the fish dishes I saw at the neighboring table appeared to be quite tasty as well. Our dinners were paired with a bottle of wine and two courses of appetizers, totalling 190 pesos.

Highly recommended, especially for those who want to get out of the Centro/Recoleta dining scene.

-Uncle Otto

01-23-04, 19:25
Estilo Campo and El Mirasol

I have previously reviewed these restaurants at length in this thread. These restaurants are two of the best parrillas in Buenos Aires.

During this week I dined at each of them again. New for me at Estilo Campo were some outstanding pork chops. The only down side was that, unfortunately, the tomato salad was not up to par. Indeed, everywhere I went during recent days suggests that good, ripe tomatoes are hard to find in the Argentine summer. Everything else in Estilo Campo (Puerto Madero, address is Avenida de Justo 1840, tel. 4312-4546) was superb.

El Mirasol has three branches in BsAs. As per my usual I dined at the Recova branch, which is at the intersection of 9 de Julio and Posadas (tel. 4326-7322). Terrific.

Each place ran in the vicinity of 50-60 pesos per person for a multi-course dinner with wine. Both places are ideal introductions to upscale Argentine steakhouses.

-Uncle Otto

01-23-04, 19:30

At the recommendation of my friend Knuckhead I had lunch at the Recova (intersection of 9 de Julio and Posadas, opposite the oft-reviewed El Mirasol and Piegari) branch of this restaurant (it has three branches in town, including another at Puerto Madero).

I had a salmon carpaccio which while presented wonderfully, was surprisingly flavorless. I followed this with ham sorrentinos (rather like ravioli in a cream sauce). I think these were inferior to the exact dish which I have enjoyed across the street at Piegari.

I think my mistake in this dinner was that I did not follow Sexplorer's recommendation to have the prix fixe meal. Fish is also a big specialty, but beyond the carpaccio I did not have a chance to try it.

Overall grade: Incomplete. I will try it again, and will focus on the house specialty of fish.

-Uncle Otto

Capt Dave
02-26-04, 19:05
Hey guys

Iīd like to cast my vote for the BSBA (Best steak in BsAs), hoping that someone can outdo me and come up with a better one.
Iīve been to most of the restaurants and parillas mentioned here, and for sure some are very good, but I want to find the BEST!

So far, after some research, my vote goes to....

(the envelope, please......)

Cabana las Lilas, in Puerto Madero

They raise their own beef on a farm up north, and they are GOOD!
It is the first place I have found an American-cut T Bone, and when I asked for it rare it came out RARE!

If anyone thinks they know a better place (or even as good), letīs go find out!


LA Larry
02-26-04, 21:14
Otto & Dave-

Thanks for the reviews. Will return the favor next week.


02-27-04, 15:08
Capt Dave --- Mickey Mouse and I discovered a place called La Brigada at Pena 2475, their phone number is 4800-1110/1284 --- It was recomended to me by an Argentine couple who learned of it threw a British Airlines pilot --- Moreover Otto Graham likes it --- And if Otto like it you know its good --- Exon

02-27-04, 15:28
Exon, I'm thinking about a suggestion that our next Tuesday night AMA meeting (March 2) dinner be at that exact restaurant. You're right, we had a terrific group dinner there last year. What do you fellows think?

-Uncle Otto

02-27-04, 16:44

Depends on what kind of food and what time to go.

I would recommend:

- For Italian food, La Parolaccia in Belgrano (Libertador Ave. and Sucre St). Somewhat close to Nuevo Estilo. Very good Italian food, moderate prices (ar$50 each).

- For Spaniard food, El Imperial or El Globo (H Yrigoyen St and Salta St), at the hearth of the Spaniard community cultural center. Both restaurants are superb, moderately priced (unless you ask for seafood, which is expensive now in BA since much of it comes from Chile). El Globo serves an awesome puchero (Spaniard style boiled meat with vegetables) and El Imperial has very good paellas of chicken (ar$50 each, ar$70 with seafood).

- Syrian-Libanese food at the Restaurante del Club Sirio-Libanés, located at Ayacucho St and Pacheco de Melo St, 5 blocks from the meeting place). Very affordable for the quelity of the food (ar$30-40 each).

La Brigada at Peņa is good for small groups. For 15+ people, becomes a little stretchy.

I have other recommendations, such as Vietnamese food ("Sudestada" in Palermo Hollywood). Let me know.

Hope this helps.


02-27-04, 18:08
Otto --- Andres may be right --- We might wait and see how many mongers show up at the AMA meeting Tuesday night and then decide --- There is an upstairs dinning room which might accomadate us all --- One thing for sure is Im planning on dinner with you Tuesday, but remember Murphys Law as Im flying standby --- Hopefully I'll be in country on the ground in B.A. Tuesday morning --- Exon

Mickey Mouse
02-28-04, 05:46
Murphy's Law won't pose a major problem inbound, but ....... good luck on the outbound! From personal experience in January, I ended up buying a 1st class r/t out of BA on aerosargentina (sp) in order to get home and then got a refund for the return 1 week later. My 1st class ticket/1 way to JFK only ended up costing me 1.1k after the return refund (still waiting for that refund). BTW, AA was looking good for standby 1 week prior.
As it turned out, I could have been stuck (funny choice of words)for at least another 4-5 days.

Mickey Mouse
02-28-04, 05:50
La Brigada,
The upstairs dining room can hold @ 30 (imho) and I don't think a tuesday will pose a problem upstairs or down. Make sure you control the wine selection and yes, they have Beefeater! A great choice!

03-03-04, 19:54

Found a good tapas bar in Palermo Hollywood area. Just a short 6 peso cab ride from Monger Central in Recoleta.

The setting is just off the square in Palermo Hollywood, plenty of people watching to be done in this cafe-type building with large sliding doors open for the glorious September weather here.

House specialty is seafood. Had a 12-item tapas serving, included a couple of quiches, some mussels, graved salmon, spinach fritters, crab and egg loaf. Diverse tastes, some of them were a bit too exotic for my dining companion Exon123. However we agreed the location was agreeable and the waitress (a yoga instructor earning a living as a waitress) was a hottie. Oh, she speaks English too. Uncle Otto has his wheels in motion on this one, heh heh heh..............

Glass of excellent chardonnay, three coffees, tapas which were more than enough to feed us two gordos, and a small dessert, totaled 69 pesos. Left an 11 peso tip and my phone number. Have to run back now to my hotel to check the messages............. ;)

Address: Serrano 1550, Tel. 4833-4360

Bon Appetit,
Uncle Otto

Jaimito Cartero
03-03-04, 22:57
Otto - I'm not a real gourmand so I'm not familar with graved salmon?

You'd better watch out, I'm sure that Exon slipped her 20 pesos and HIS phone number. Especially if she's blonde.

03-04-04, 15:43
For a group of hungry guys, this Tenedor Libre (all you can eat) is off the tourist track, on Corrientes about 4100-4200.

La Generosa is a buffet type of place with quality foods, from great seafood to parrillada. Prices vary from 14 ar pesos on weeks to 22 ar pesos on Sunday. All you can eat doesn't include the wine or beverages.

It is very easy to reach by Subte (Metro), station Medrano on Corrientes line.

03-06-04, 11:15
A World City Rises Again (London Financial Times,6 March)

In a fairly upbeat article on BA, the following are mentioned:

1. ."...the immensely fashionable Palermo Viejo area which houses the exquisitely laid back Bar 6, supplier of the continent's best martinis" (Can't remember the street)

2.".....if you want a fusion of South American cuisine and European sensibility, try the Gran Bar Danzon, a favourite with BA's bright young things, its decor paying lip service to Manhattan chic." (Libertad, between Santa Fe and Arenales...previously reported on.)

There's more, but having been to the above two, I can recommend them both.

Salud !!

03-06-04, 19:59
AMA Restaurantuers:

There is an ad for a restaurant named TUCSON located at Salguero 2741. It specializes in Babyback Ribs

Does anyone have experience with this place?

Iīm interested in leading an expedition there next Friday (3/12/04) around 8PM.

Please give me a PM if you are interested in a rib feed.



Tucson is a great restaurant, most notably because they serve authentic American food including a real hamburger with site-prepared cole slaw. I highly recommend it.


03-08-04, 16:09
Just pulled the following from this month's Travel and Leisure magazine:

O has a sophisticated, Latin-Mediterranean menu with a healthy dose of seafood and local specialties: crab bruschetta, salmon with prawns, even plum soup for dessert. The arrival of three young chefs is a great addition to the neighborhood.

1626 Thames, 4833-6991.

Sounds yummy. Anybody want to provide a first-hand report?

-Uncle Otto

One Tree Hill
03-12-04, 17:39
Cheap Eats!

Tenador Libre

477 Suipacha (at Lavalle)

Restaurant Chino - 80 items including parilla.

Not a fancy place. Parilla as the norm, salad bar, hot bar with chinese and other items (fries, mashed potatoes etc.)

Cheap and filling - 7.50 pesos for all.

I have eaten here 3 times now (April, November, March) and it is not bad for a heavy afternoon meal. Again, this is not a gourmet experience. But for the price is good for lunch (not with a chica who you want to impress).


03-23-04, 13:55
Iīd like to recommend Tenorio Parilla on restaurant row. Itīs right next to the ice cream place on the corner by Affaire. I tend to eat there a lot. Mostly it was because one of the waitresses there was by far the hottest girl Iīve seen in BA. But unfortunately she doesnīt seem to work there anymore. But the food is still good. I had bife de lomo last night and it melted in my mouth. Itīs not a super fancy place, but it works for me.

03-23-04, 20:16
Just got back,
Have you ever tried the restaurant "Pepe Lomo" next to
Last year they had this hostess "Eliana"....Very, very sexy
girl. Of course, I made an attempt but she was reluctant
to talk anything besides the job related chat.
I thought she figured me out dinning alone, foreign,
in Recoleta etc...
The Tenorio you mentioned, I remember reading about the
hostess "Paola" who speaks swedish bla bla...
Is that the one you are talking about?

03-23-04, 21:53
Iīve actually eaten at every single restaurant row restaurant. For the most part, they are quite good. Paola still works at Tenorio. I saw her just last night. She is definitely fine. I don't know if she speaks spanish though. You should see her dance. Mesmerizing.

No my hot waitress was blond and looked like a european supermodel. Paola looks like a latina supermodel.

I actually got to know one of the hostesses on the row during one trip. We emailed until my next trip and we arranged to get together. But she happened to see me walking with one of the Chicas back to the hotel the night before our date. Never heard from her again. LESSON - NEVER WALK BACK TO YOUR HOTEL WITH A CHICA!!!!!! Always take a cab.

03-23-04, 23:46
Just got back,
You are that guy!!! ha! I remember your post.
The hostess you were going to go out with....Is that the one
from Pepe Lomo? Where did she work?

03-25-04, 21:40
Bad restraurant review. El Parrion de Recoleta. It's the very last place on the row before you hit Village Recoleta. I can't believe I've eaten her so much. I always forget I sweared never to come here again until after I get my food. It's not that it's horrible. It's just that the quality and portions of the food is a step below the others on the row while it's prices are a step higher. Not worth it. The service, while competent, is unfriendly. They're doing a job and you know it. The tip not included statement on the receipt in various languages is another tip off. A restaurant that has good service doesn't need to ask for a tip. They'll know they'll get one.

No need to come here since better places are literally feet away.

Woof Woof
03-26-04, 06:26
For bife chorizo, I'd recommend La Farola on Santa Fe and Callao. For hot pastries straight out of the oven, my choice is Mr. Luna on Arenales 1679. For pizzas, I liked Pizzeria Babieca on Santa Fe and Riobamba (across the street from Towers Records).

If you want a break from all that meat, I would recommend the Morizono sushi restaurant on Reconquista and Paraguay by Plaza San Martin. Very decent sushi, sashimi and tempura.

Johnny O
04-01-04, 15:49
Thanks to everyone who has given feedback regarding places to eat. It is obvious that you all share the same belief that good food is almost as good as good women. I said almost!

The two do go hand and hand don't they?

I am staying at the Dohlmen, and although I like to venture out to find great dining adventures, I usually tend to frequent the good places that are nearby. Any recommendations for steak, price is not a concern, although I am a big fan of getting a good value? Also, how do you order your steak medium-well?

One of my employees, who happens to have been born in Buenos Aires, has been telling me about the amazing empanadas her Father used to make. Where can I find the best?

I am also a huge lover of gnocchi. It was interesting to discover how the delicious potato pasta that my Grandmother used to make for me when I was a child, also has a different meaning in Argentinian culture. Where can I get the good stuff?

I am sure you all have your own opinions, and thanks in advance for sharing them!

Johnny O

04-02-04, 10:57

I like my steak medium well also. A punto is medium. Bien hecho is well done. I usually ask for "entre a punto y bien hecho,sin rosada o sangre . " Between medium and well, no pink or blood. There is probably an easier way, but this has always worked for me.

1880 Parrilla (1600block of Defensa) in San Telmo is a great spot for a steak that is superb and one of the best values in town for the money.
Try your steak with a bottle of inexpensive wine (the waiters know what's best....Casona de Lopez Malbec or Cab works)...and a grilled provolone starter and one of the excellent sides, such as creamed spinich or mashed pumpkin squash....or just a simple mixed green salad tossed in oil.

This parrilla has been written about several times on wsg, originally by Unlcle Otto, I think.

Gnoccchi is available all over town at the end of the month, when, traditionally, people are reduced to eating this inexpensive pasta because they can no longer afford meat. Try Bella Italia on Arabe Siria for a good version made from Pumpkin rather than potato, or closer to your hotel, try the well known
Broccolino, Esmeralda and Cordoba.

One Tree Hill
04-02-04, 22:27

wow cant believe El Establo was that bad. I ate there 3 times and my buddy 4 on our trip which ended 3/23. After all we lived about 5 doors down.

I had both the bife chorizo and lomo "El Establo" style. Each was perfect - probably the best Ive had in BA.

I even took L Duke there one night and he thought it was great.
As you say - night to night can vary.

As for Tenorio in Recoleta. Ate there twice. Had Bife de lomo brochette once and brochette of chicken (pollo) once. It was indeed very good and VERY plentiful. Large skewer of meat and onions, peppers and some kind of ham on it. Yes, Paula was there I believe. Flexible Horn had a thing for her (as we all do)! One good thing is there is usually good entertainment there.

OMG I miss it so!

04-04-04, 14:46
MeGustaBoliches, thanks for the tip on rare. I always thought it was a punto. That explains a lot. When I say a punto, sometimes I get it medium rare and sometimes it comes medium. I got to get a English to Spanish dictionary. I like my steak squishy in the middle.

04-09-04, 12:51

If the only reason why you would spend your hard earned dollars on a dictionary is to be able to order your steaks rare then let me save you a couple of bucks:

I want my steak rare.

Quiero mi bife vuelta y vuelta.


04-09-04, 13:15
Ferolga and JGB,

I use "inglesa" as well as "veulta y vuelta" as there is an idea in SA that the all Englishmen eat beef rare.


Master J
04-12-04, 00:41
Another Wonderful Week!

Just returned from fourth trip in five months. Sorry I have not have had the pleasure of Tuesday mettings, but you all have been a true guiding light, including the gracious " El Jefe".

Reviews of eats. Tried Lomo in Palermo, Sunday afternoon instead of the I'm sure hopping Saturday night. Found food interesting, but menu somewhat limited, presentation very nice, and decor very Soho like. 7/8

Grand Bar Danzon. Very nice on a Saturday night held reservation for me one hour later., perhaps Hilton helped. Service very friendly, bar hopping, menu extensive, although I was a little confused when they asked how I wanted my pig cooked, like rare was OK? Again very Soho like, brick walls, lighting,even dinner DJ. Would rate high 8.

Last trip had birthday dinner with novia and guests at a restaurant near the other airport, not EZE. You litterally are on the water and can see the planes coming through. Tent like curtains on ceiling, very romantic and food was very above par! I feel like saying the name was Palermos or something with a P. I'm sure you all know it, but just wanted to share perhaps with others how nice it was for a special night.

Finally for my money the restaurants in Puerto Madero seem to have my attention . The steak to die for is Caban Las Lilas for a total meal high 9s. Also love the Sushi place next to the Freddo Ice cream, and tried Puerto Chrystal for a nice lamb something. For me the area offers you a choice of what you may be in the mood for and the walking after dinner is nice.

Master J

04-12-04, 19:33
<B>Bite Me<B>
First in a Series of Reports of Fine Dining in the Paris of South America.

At Jackson's request I have decided to share what I've learned living these two years in BA.

Steak bores me. It's not that Argentina doesn't have outstanding beef. It does. But how many bifes de chorizo with french fries and lettuce and tomato salad can a man eat before he feels like he's trapped in a Sizzler's Steakhouse.

For a modest cab fare you can really see what this country has to offer.

The Gaucho Grill Cerviņo 3732, tel: 4805-4643
Outstanding. Creative. Excellent Value.
The owner used to run a restaurant in the U.S. He speaks very good English. He's just revamped the menu so I do if some old favorites are still around, but things I've eaten there include warn duck salad with goat cheese, venison, rabbit stuffed with sun dried tomatos, mozzarella and pancetta, lamb chops as well as a mushroom reduction that was sublime. They also have an excellent if modest selection of wines. Break out of your old habits and try the sangiovese or bonardo varietals. Don't miss this place.

Added bonus, it's in the trendy neighborhood of Palermo chico and there are some working girls in apartments not far away.

04-12-04, 19:50
<B>Bite Me<B>

Uncle Otto,

Had a business lunch at O a few weeks ago. Top notch, want to go back for dinner.


Tuscon is not bad for ribs, it benefits by it's good location in town. The definitive location for U.S. style falling off the bone baby back ribs is Kansas. No the state but a U.S. style eatery in the province. Not to fear it's in the ritzy neighborhood called Accasuso. Ave. Libertador 15089, Acassuso. Tel: 4747-0606. Unlike other BA eateries you can start chowing down as early as 1930.

04-17-04, 02:12
If any of you gentlemen are interested in some company for the sake of sharing a meal, good conversation, a few laughs and watching each other's back on those dark streets, I'd be happy to hear from any of you.

Happy hunting

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04-18-04, 21:19
I had a fantastic meal Sunday afternoon at Lolaīs in Recoleta. Many of you think this may be a bit of an expensive place but let me tell you what I got for 32 pesos. A glass of good champagne, a large bottle of water, a starter of veggies and mushrooms in fried phylo dough with a very interesting sauce, entre included bits of smoked salmon and a poached salmon filet that wrapped around an admixture of veggies and mushrooms all resting on a sauce to die for, the dessert was a coffee flan with amoretta sauce and chocolate sauce. The half bottle of chardonnay was an excellent tasty cold adult beverage to accompany such fine food fare for this foreigner. As a side bar they offer similar menus for the evening meal, however, the price jumps to 45 pesos if you include the beverages.

Jaimito Cartero
04-18-04, 22:20
On the recommendation of a AMA member, I tried out Yugo's Parrilla before I left this week. It's one block away from Jackson's apartment (away from Village Recoleta), on the same street as the school.

Very nice portions, one of the best Bife de Chorizos I had in BA. I think it was 450 grams, and cost 12 pesos. Not as fancy interior as some of the restaurant row places, but the food was so very good!

They no longer accept credit cards, so the mentioned 20% discount for cash no longer applies, but the pricing is so good it's still a steal.

I'm including a picture for some reason! (Thumb not included).

04-19-04, 00:11
JC -

I'm almost certain you're talking about the place next to the pool hall. The best beef I've had in B.A. I went again a few weeks ago -after having eaten at Mirasol about four days earlier. Much better than Mirasol - and as you said, incredibly cheap for the quality and the close location to Recoleta Village. I'd say the atmosphere is very authentic feeling - not touristy at all. More noisy and less fluff in the surroundings.
I told my friend to check it out when I couldn't go out with him one night, and the next day he was like "damn - that meat was great." It's on my definite visit list whenever I'm in town.

04-19-04, 11:32
Hey Guys,

65 days and counting!!!


Jaimito Cartero
04-19-04, 13:13

Yes, exactly, next to the pool hall.

I also went to the Grant's Buffet (Tenedor Libre) after going to Jackson's for a failed Commedor tour. It was the best one I've ever been to in BA. 9 pesos for a great lunch during the week. Weekends and nights are a big more (11-12 pesos, I think).

This is the biggest selection and quality that I've seen. 10 different cheeses, great parrilla selection, pasta station and lots of good things.

Marta told me that there are bigger ones out in the burbs, but I obviously haven't been to them. :)

Jaimito Cartero
04-19-04, 19:17
Here's a picture of Yugos. You can read the phone number off the sign too if you want to call. I think they're normally open to midnight.

04-29-04, 13:27
Any hot, new, can't miss eating houses that I must sample on my trip next week?

I can't wait to hit "O".

-Uncle Otto

05-06-04, 10:48
"O" 1626 Thames, 4833-6991.

Excellent spot, highly recommended for its seafood. Not the cheapest eats in town, but one of the more sophisticated I've seen.

-Uncle Otto

05-06-04, 10:52
Estilo Campo Moreau de Justo 1840 (Puerto Madero).

This place has the most mouth-watering pork chops I've ever had. Plus the grilled mollejas are to die for.

Excellent service, with a price somewhat below its pricier parrilla neighbor, Cabana Las Lilas (which is excellent too, just not quite as good a value for money).

Those of you who are regular readers of this board might be amused to know that the manager at Estilo Campo has a photograph of Exon123 posted discreetly behind the bar, with the caption "This Customer Is Barred From This Restaurant!!!" :p

-Uncle Otto

Jaimito Cartero
05-06-04, 15:00
Sounds like it's time for Exon to get a new disguise. Poor Exon.

05-07-04, 13:09
Say it aint so --- Please --- Exon

05-07-04, 13:24
ROFLMAO! That was called a joke, people! [Rimshot!]

:D :D :D :D

-Uncle Otto

P.S. The porkchops at Estilo Campo ARE deee-lish, though, that much is not a joke. ;)

05-08-04, 08:31
Anyone know of any Indian restaurants in BsAs? Last time I was in town went to this joint on Cordoba that had fake indians and didn't even have nan bread or Aloo Ghobi. Also who has the best pizza? Los Maestros on Uriburu? seemed real good even with the olives on top. I am not a big meat eater and don't want to be stuck eating alfajores all day.

For pizza, try Pizza Piola. They have several locations, including one near Recoleta, although I can't remember the specific street.

Woof Woof
05-08-04, 17:45
Mike 12,

Try Pizzeria Babieca on Santa Fe & Riobamba (i think). It's across the street from Towers Records. They have a big selection of meatless pizzas. As i recall, they also vegetables-filled empanadas.


05-08-04, 18:33
Re: Pizza Piola

It is the best I have had in BA. They are at
Libertad 1078, near the corner of Libertad and Santa Fe. This is about a 15 minute walk from Recoleta or a very short cab ride.


05-11-04, 05:52
Thank you fellas for your advice. Will be trying them all no doubt. If anyone is in NYC try Pizza Suprema on 31st and 8th outside of Penn Station, for the last really good pizza joint in N.Y.

06-06-04, 14:20
Here's two I really like. 1) "Sucre" in the 600 block of the street of the same name, on the even numbered side. An added bonus is that it is directly behind Nuevo Estilo. It also has a few strong Belgian beers such as Duvel. Try the salmon rosado. They have an extensive wine cellar, although that doesn't mean squat to a Dickhead. 2) Vasco Fermin in the 1300 block of Moreno, between Santiago del Estero and San Jose on the south side (even numbered). Try the arroz especial or the gambos (shrimp). Thanks for this one goes to my current favorita.

06-30-04, 12:36
Here are a few places I ate at that I don't think have been mentioned before.

Bereber at Armenia 1880 (Armenia & Costa Rica) in Palermo, tel.4833-5662 has Moroccan cuisine. They are open from 1230-1630 on Saturday and Sunday with a smaller and less expensive version of their evening menu. They are open only at night Monday - Friday.
All of the following restaurants are located on street corners. They are nothing fancy, but I was satisfied with what I had at them.

La Posada de 1880 (or 1820, I can't remember) at Tucuman and San Martin is always packed at lunch time. They have an AR$9 fixed-price menu in addition to a regular menu.

L'Aiglon at Callao 98 (Callao & Mitre). You can get a decent bife de lomo for AR$9. I don't recommend a glass of the house red wine, but I'm sure there are others available.

Duero at Santa Fe 2499 (Santa Fe & Pueyrredon) is one of 4 restaurants in the Rios de Espana chain. The menu goes from pizza, pasta, sandwiches to bife de lomo. I think they are open 24 hours.

Tolon at Santa Fe 3200 (Santa Fe & Coronel Diaz) near Alto Palermo shopping, open 24 hours, has a couple of fixed-price menus, in addition to a few other items. One of the menus is AR$16. The other is less expensive. It has different items that the $16 menu and doesn't include something to drink.


This is just a suggestion, so please don't take it the wrong way.

I appreciate the details in your report, but I know from experience that a lot of people find it easier to read a report if the paragraphs are separated by a single blank line.

I know how this happens: You're banging away at the keyboard, putting your thoughts into the report as fast as you can write them. However, if you could hit the return key TWICE at the end of each paragraph, your report would be much easier to read, which would certainly be appreciated by your fellow Forum Members.



07-01-04, 16:53
If you are a Dickhead and like to eat well cheaply, try Don Galėndez in Lavalle at Esmeralda. Try the No. 5: choripān, hamburguesa, and a good sized beer for $4.50. The complete parrilla is good also. The morcilla looks deadly but is also good. A choripān, morcilla, or hamburguesa by themselves are each $1.50. I have eaten there about 10 times and it is always good. Hamburguesa completa with ham, cheese, lettuce, and tomato, is $2.50. Avoid the bathroom.

Another good place that even non-Dickheads can enjoy is Plaza Asturrias in Avenida de Mayo at 1200 mas o menos on the odd side across from Bar Iberia. Try the goulash for 8 pesos. Free sherry before and free limoncello after. Free sardines and olives. Lots of good bread. Provecho.

Mickey Mouse
07-01-04, 18:22
This Dickhead in training has a long way to go, but Plaza Azturrias is a great choice for either lunch or dinner and also has the fringe benefit of a couple nice asses running about.

Even though it may be a bit pricey for some, Estilo Campo still has the Best Bife de Lomo in town with excellent service and a great selection of wine. Does anyone know why Exon's photo is on a "Wanted, Dead or Alive" poster behind the Bar?

Lastly, I had dinner with friends one night at Tucson's and I was not impressed. The company was exceptional, the food mediocre and the Service was the worst I have ever experienced in BA. No wonder why it was only half full at 11pm on a saturday night. Definitely Not Worth Any Pesos!

One Mouse's Opinion Only

07-06-04, 22:30
I ate with Saint and others at the previously recommended "1880" (not "1800" as Saint posted) in Defensa 1665. I don't know how everyone else fared but I got the shits so bad, and terrible cramps, that I could barely leave my apartment for a day and a half. I had a chicken empanada (tasty), a salad (the likely culprit IMO), and merluza which was overdone. If the fish had been bad I would have puked so my guess is the salad.

A common problem is cutting up vegetables on the same cutting board that was previously used to cut meat. You need to use a bleach solution, 50-100 ppmm of chlorine, in between (and on the knife as well). Same goes if you cut up chicken and then make hamburger patties. That will give you salmonella burgers.

If anyone else got sick then it was the empanadas. I think we all had pretty much the same ones.

On a more positive note, I just had the lentejas at Madeleine's on Santa Fe near Callao and it was very tasty and had TONS of meat in it, both pork and some kinda pepperoni type stuff. Of course it was very salty but beer will ameliorate that problem. 8 pesos IIRC.

Capt Dave
07-07-04, 01:05
Dear Sr. Mouse

Without quibbling about Estilo Campos Bife de Lomo, try the Bife de Costillo (sort of a large bone-in strip) next door at Cabana Las Lilas! Or the T bone, for that matter....
Both restaurants are EXCELLENT, but I think I like Las Lilas' steaks a little better.


07-08-04, 08:27
Avoid La Cabaņa. On Rodriguez Peņa half a block up from Posadas.

Went there after Das Rhinegold at the Colon Tuesday night.

American investment has resurrected this faded beauty with a great new interior and impeccable service.

The good news stops there.

Prices are sky high.
Onion soup 12 pesos. Two lamb chops, little meat and a lot of fat 50 pesos.

Quality is mediocre at best. My companions lomo was flavorless and overcooked.

Dessert menu was uninspired. Wine list had a 200% mark up.

Mickey Mouse
07-09-04, 18:49
Capt Dave,

I have had the pleasure of dining at Las Lilas more than once and I agree that it is Top Notch. Hhhmmmm, Estilo Campo or Las Lilas, six of one or a half dozen of the other. Both are great so it just sounds like one's own personal preference.

Have fun on saturday, wish I was there,

The Mouse

07-13-04, 11:36
And as for me, it's pork chops at Estilo Campo, lomo at Cabana las Lilas. Neither are cheap, probably on the price level of an Outback Steakhouse back home. Of course, Outback doesn't have food that good.

As for 1880, sorry to hear of your distress, DH. I have eaten there many times and have never had even a touch of indigestion. It is possible you may have gotten something from the salad, since no kitchen is perfect. But with the experience that I have at the place, I have no problems with the cleanliness of the kitchen, which you can inspect with your own eyes when you enter the restaurant.

-Uncle Otto

07-13-04, 12:35

I felt fine after that dinner but I did manage to get 1 of my worst colds of the year. At least i had 6 good nights before my nightmare flight home. Never fly with a bad cold.


07-13-04, 21:05
It was nice breaking bread with you Dickhead. Sorry to hear you got sick. It had to be the salad. I didn't get sick there and either did my other amigos. The food there was pretty good at 1880 but probably is similar to many other restaurants in that area. I'll be looking forward to trying some new places once I move there next month.


07-19-04, 15:14
While I've never been there, I do know that our dear Roxana has also spoken well of Happening.

I think it is hard for a person to have a really bad meal in Puerto Madero; there are many good restaurants there, including three of my favorites, El Mirasol, Cabana Las Lilas, and Estilo Campo, all of which are upscale parrillas.

-Uncle Otto

07-19-04, 15:45
Happening in Puerto Madero is a very good restraunt with a sort of salad/cheese bar also if you want. I have been there a few times, business and non-business with an outstanding Bife de Ojo, that looks as big as a roast! A few celebs go there in the evening at times.

Los Chienos is great for fish/mariscos in my opinion also, just down the street from the Triangle.

Another place just across the street I believe from Chilenos, (maybe one block closer to the Triangle, serves great tamales, for something a little different in Arg..

07-23-04, 08:50
Thai One On

Here are a list of Thai places in BA. I've tried all but one. Cheers.

Neo Lotus Thai Ortega y Gasset 1782 1P 4771-4449
Best of the lot. In Las Caņitas, it's in an old house and the sign is obscured by trees. Worth the hunt, Certificate of approval from the Royal Thai Ambassador, funky decor.

Empire Thai Tres Sargentos 427 4312-5706
The sign just says Empire, yes it's a block away from Cafe Orleans. Used to be associated with Neo Lotus Thai but they broke up. I'd rate their food in second place. Open for lunch, popular with the gay crowd at night. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Sukothai Montevideo 1671 4815 4948
Was recommended to me by a Thai girl in BA. Went there for lunch. Tasty Satay. Good news stops there. Found the rest of the food closer to Chinese and not fit for a dog.

Sudestada Guatemala 5602 4776-3777
In trendy Palermo Hollywood, Open for lunch. It's really an Indochina fusion menu. Must have eaten there a dozen times. Cute waitress puts duct tape on her T-shirt and calls it post modern fashion.

Green Bamboo Costa Rica 5802 4775-7050
This one I have not been to. Heard it is more Viet than Thai. Also heard somebody got sick after eating there.

Cheers mates.

07-29-04, 18:24
Bad Coffee Alert! Santa Fe y Dr. Tomás de Anchorena and the place is also called Anchorena or something like that. Worst coffee I have encountered and I tried the place twice, thinking the first time was an aberration. Too bad because it is located very near some good whorehouses. Strange because it was very crowded with locals both times.

No excuse for this shit.

Miami Bob
07-30-04, 02:33

Two locations. Very, very good beef. First time I was brought there by a guy who owns a ranch and raises cattle for a living. it is one of his favorites in BA. Beautiful modern decorations, California 1980's style. I would prefer the Belgrano, on Costa Nira for the great water views. Lots of great restaurants and clubs on that section of road.


EDITOR's NOTE: Posting of this report was delayed pending revisions to add standard capitalization throughout the text. To avoid delays in future reports, please refrain from using the "chat room" style of writing with no capital lettering. Thanks!

08-05-04, 06:29
Green Bamboo (Vietnamese Restaurant)

Costa Rica 5802 (Costa Rica and Carranza, Palermo Hollywood)

Bandy and I had an excelent dinner there.

The place, located at a corner, has a very fine, trendy decoration suitable for bringing either chicas or fellows. Not noisy at all and not deadly quiet either. Not very cheap, though (around ar$100 for a 2 people dinner with good Luigi Bosca wine), and portions from normal to slightly small.

Food is paramount: We ordered Nem Hanoi as appetizer (a fish-vegetable roll) which was fresh and crispy, and Bo Luc Lac (tenderloin sauted with lemongrass and other spices, with sides of wrapped rice cooked with peanuts and sauted vegetables, a perfect entree for further mongering activity. As dessert, pear with chocolate fudge seated in a vanilla ice cream. Vietnamese coffee.

They provide a profuse selection of South East drinks, prepaired mainly with vodka and tropical juices. Very good and professional service (for instance, they have menus in English)

Strongly recommended.

Hope this helps,


08-07-04, 21:03
To follow up on your coffee report:

There is a place on Puerrydon, 1-3 blocks from Santa Fe, on the right side as you walk from Santa Fe towards the river (so maybe intersection of Juncal?), that roasts beans onsite. You can't get fresher coffee.

08-07-04, 21:04
I was thinking of hitting Azul Profundo on an upcoming visit - any update on this place? Or any comment on a similar choice?

08-07-04, 21:10
I have a question, any input on a good Chardonnay


08-22-04, 14:12
To Johann Who in the Brazil section said that he couldn't find Japanese restaurants in BA

From The Economist website:

Fine dining

Ichi Sou
Venezuela 2145
Buenos Aires
Tel: +54 (0) 11 4942-5853, 4943-6442
Map it

A rash of sushi bars has sprung up in Buenos Aires in the last few years, but none has yet surpassed two popular old-timers that cater to the wealthier members of the local Japanese community: Ichi Sou and Yuki (three blocks away at Pasco 740).

Both are discreetly tucked away in an unprepossessing part of town, but the food at Ichi Sou makes it particularly worth hunting down. The teishoku set options are excellent: try the sashimi and grilled fish combination, accompanied by pickles, miso soup, spinach, mixed vegetables and as much rice and green tea as you want.

08-22-04, 14:17
And for Johann who was looking for an indian plac

From www.restaurantes.clarin.com

Av. Córdoba 3547. Capital Federal

08-25-04, 20:10
A great Japanese place in Buenos Aires is Dashi. I wrote about it many moons ago, a review and details are a few pages back in this section. I've been there since, and it remains excellent. It is not a Benihana-style teppaniki restaurant, however. That is an American popularization of Japanese food.

Uncle Otto

08-25-04, 20:11
A good chardonnay is a 2000 Alta Zapata Catena. Pricey though, about 70 pesos a bottle retail.

Uncle Otto

08-25-04, 22:08

? on Dashi,

I really like it when the cook cuts the shimp up really quick and then pops one of the shells from the shimp on to the top of his cookng hat. Do they do that at Dashi? Many top chefs will take the shells and fling them it into the air and they will fall into their front chest pocket.

That is considered real Japanese cooking by the way. I have been to a Japanese / Korean restaurant like that in Omaha Nebraska so i should know. They says thats as close to Tokyo dining as you can get! I also like the fortune cookies after the meal. In Omaha each patron got 3 instead of 1.


p.s. They also sold chinese eggrolls at the Omaha establishment which I found rather strange. When i asked why they replied
" its like that all over Japan " Japanese love chinese eggrolls to".

08-26-04, 21:12
No, no teppaniki-style food at Dashi with shrimp in the hat. Big huge boats of sushi, though. ;)

Uncle Otto

08-28-04, 03:18
Some questions from a BA newbie, please.

Except for a 12-hour stop on a cruise ship, this will be my first time in BA.

1. What is the dress code for upscale restaurants?

2. Is it acceptable to take a doggie bag?

3. I love classic French cooking and while I have plenty of good French restaurants at home, I like to take advantage of the exchange rate to dine at French restaurants in BA. Can you recommend one or two?

Many thanks.

09-02-04, 21:28

1. Smart casual.
2. Many restaurants will give you a doggy bag,
3. Try the restaurant in the Sofitel hotel (as you may know Sofitel is owned by the Accor group of France). Excellent food.

Also try the main resdtaurant at the Alvear Palace Hotel whose name escapes me.

09-02-04, 22:40
WWLL/ AmanteLondres:

The Sofitel Restaurant is the previously reviewed "Le Sud". It is an excellent French restaurant serving Haute/Nouvelle cuisine with impeccable service.

Of particularly excellent value is the fixed price lunch menu, a terrific deal at 36 pesos for two courses or 48 pesos for a 3 course luncheon. The starter is an artfully presented salad or a very tasty soup, or smoked salmon. There is a choice of seafood, beef, or poultry main course, also beautifully done and presented. There are more than five items to choose for desert, all of which were heavenly. The price also includes "bottomless" red and white house wine.

Of course, as is the case with this style of dining, the portions are small but are very well paced and ample breads of different kind are offered in between.

Sterling V and I had lunch there about two weeks ago, taking the two course meal and ordering the desert a-la-carte. All courses were superb, and the attentive waitstaff kept our wine glasses full at all time. We wrapped thing up with espresso and desert, and the total damage was about AR$105. Unbelievable!!


Sterling V
09-03-04, 04:53
The Le Sud Menu. Part 1

Sorry about photo, it was dim and I couldn't use a flash.

Sterling V
09-03-04, 04:55
The Le Sud Menu - Part 2

Sterling V
09-03-04, 04:55
The Le Sud Menu - Part 3

Sterling V
09-03-04, 04:56
The Le Sud Menu - Part 4

Sterling V
09-03-04, 04:57
The Le Sud Menu - Part 5

Sterling V
09-03-04, 04:58
The Le Sud Menu - Foie Terrine

Sterling V
09-03-04, 04:59
The Le Sud Menu - White Fish Mousse with Fennel Confit.

09-03-04, 11:14
French restaurant at Alvear Palace Hotel: La Bourgogne.

Daddy Rulz
09-27-04, 11:26
Before I started working for an airline, I worked in restaurants for a lot of years here in the States. One of the things I love most about BsAs is the food. I thought I would share some of my favorites.

Most of my favorite restaurants are in Palermo, I love this area. Palermo is the biggest of the 42 barrios in BsAs split into three parts. Gran Palermo, mostly residential, Palermo Viejo, the old part and across the tracks Palermo Hollywood. Palermo Viejo and Hollywood are sort of the center of the art environment of the city. A lot of the service people you will meet live and hang out there. It's a wonderful area for walking, don't worry about the heaps of dog shit on the ground it's supposed to be good luck when you step in it.



My favorite restaurant in the city is called "Central" it's at Costa Rica 5644 phone 4776-7370. It is a small place and kind of loud due to it's modern design and cement walls. There is a long bar on the right and a long couch on the left with tables. The couches look like a great idea until you try to eat, then it sucks because you can't eat more than a sandwich laying back on a couch. Unless you have brought a date I suggest the tables. I prefer the taller tables as it gives me a great view of the room. I would suggest without reservation any item on the menu and have never received anything less than outstanding food. Some items I suggest, the pate is great and when in season they do a warm salad with scallops that's out of this world. The torta for desert can not be avoided. Roxanna and I had a great dinner there. I eat there at least once or twice when in town for lunch and dinner. Ask for Fransisco, his English is not great but He's a great guy and his service while not professional is warm and friendly. You can tell him the guy from Texas that works for an airline sent you. He may or may not remember me. If you do ask for him and reference me please leave a little more than the standard 10%.


Lomo is also on Costa Rica but on the other side of the tracks in the old part of Palermo. Costa Rica 4659 again it's a must visit when I go. The only bad meal I ever had was in April when the chef takes vacation. This last trip I took a friend and between us we had 3 appetizers, 3 entrees coffee and desert. The damage was 130 pesos, high for Argentina but considering the exchange dirt cheap. They have a rooftop garden there and in the spring or fall call ahead for a reservation. I would recommend any entrada or plato principal but the seafood ravioli is fucking killer. Skip desert because they suck. Instead walk to the cafe on Plaza Serrano I recommend later.

Interesting side note, on my first visit it was late fall and getting a little chilly at night. My friend and I asked to sit outside. the hostess took us upstairs and there was a young couple having sex at one of the tables. She was wearing a short skirt and bouncing on his lap. The were just about ready to hit the high note I would guess and oblivious to anything around them. Without skipping a beat our hostess said, "perhaps you would prefer a table downstairs tonight" and turned us around and walked back down the stairs. At the bottom of the stairs she put a chain across the stair case and apologized to us. I told her not to worry and because I had once been young and in love myself. She smiled at me and kissed my cheek, telling me at heart I was a Porteno. A little while later they young couple came downstairs, both looking as if dinner had agreed with them.

Te Matare Ramirez:

Two locations, Paraguay 4062 in Palermo and one in San Isidro, I have only been to the one in Palermo. This is an unusual restaurant. The theme is sex, sex, and more sex. The dishes are not named literally on the menu but rather they are called figuratively. IE "My two little virgins in their first embrace" is two medallions of tenderloin. On Wednesday night they do a spoken word show by a male and a female actress. The VERY pricey menu IMHO is justified to listen to her re-enact her first experience with anal sex or his poem to his pene. the show is good natured in blindingly fast Castillano and very funny. The food is exceptional and extraordinarily well presented. Plus you can buy salt shakers that look like sperm for 15 pesos. My only ***** is the chairs are not very comfortable. I like the Chinese sesame stir fry with lomo, very good.

Comega Azzurra:

Corrientes 222 P19 4315-8381, The food is acceptable and the service outstanding. The major claim to fame is the view. The restaurant is on the 19th floor and it overlooks Puerto Madero and the city. On the 20th floor there is a sushi restaurant. The sushi is acceptable, fresh and good presentation but they put this mayonnaise sauce in their rolls and you should ask they not use it. It will impress the chicas but again the food while good is not inspired.

La Estancia:

It is on Lavalle on the walking side just off Carlos Pelligrini. There are several of them in the city but I like this one. The building used to be the Presidents house (according to the doorman) a long time ago. The "Lomo La Estancia" is a piece of tenderloin the size of your head for about 22 pesos. The service is hit or miss because the waiters seem to hate yanqui's but the meat is great and for my money the best Chimichurri in the city. On weekend nights they do a show upstairs, with singing and different styles of dance, Tango, Provintial, and a VERY bad Caribbean number. The singers are good and the dancing entertaining. For 50 pesos a person you get the house menu which is an appetizer, a mixed grill, a few sides, dessert, coffee and a glass of champagne and wine with dinner. I'm sure better steaks can be had but I like the place.


Lots has been written about La Madelaine on Sante Fe and it is an excellent place to go for in-expensive food. If you want a great place for an Argentinian sandwich walk up the street about a block (against the flow of traffic) and on the same side is a little cafe called "King something" the service is GREAT and the food good and cheap.

On Plaza Seranno at the red light there is a little cafe, very small, that is one of my favorite people watching places at this time of year. It is right at the light but I can't remember it's name. It has very old wooden tables and a lot of art on the walls inside. There are a ton of cafes on Plaza Serrano but this one is kind of by itself at the only red light at the intersection. The have great coffee, and they have a cake that translates as "Million or thousand leaves" it's dulce de leche and cake with a white topping that is really good. I have taken a whole series of photos while sitting at that cafe watching the Sunday afternoon go by. No trip of mine is complete without spending three or four hours just sitting there.

I don't remember most of the cafes I stop in because when I'm hungry and I go past a place that smells good I eat.

Bon Apatite (sorry my French is as bad as my Castillano)


L Duke
09-30-04, 07:45
Buenos Aires Dance Clubs

From time to time, several of you have inquired about dance clubs in BA. More often than not those questions go unanswered.

I recently ran into this website that seems to have a very comprensive list of dance clubs, the scene, the best nights, the type of music and the type of clientele that these clubs attract.


This information maybe useful for those of you who want to check out the regular clubs and bars in BA.

10-18-04, 20:02
This isn't technically a bar or a restaurant but I'll put it in this section anyway. There is a really quaint little cafe that I go to study most weeks. It does serve food and drinks/coffee/desserts though and pretty tasty too. I like it for the environment though. It's never too busy and you can't access it from the street. It is sort of underground so the entrance is on the side and you walk down some stairs.

It's fashioned as a little library and it's usually quiet and nice for a little break or to just read a book. The name of it is called La Biblioteca and it's located at Marcelo T. de Alvear 1155 near Libertad. It's one block from the Dazzler Hotel.



11-14-04, 23:10
This large restaurant is on Carlos Pellegrini in the 1500 block on the east side. That is down the hill towards Retiro. I thought it was quite good and reasonably priced. A large menu, mostly meat of course, and a free salad bar with any entree or other food purchase over ? pesos. Wine list is not extensive but is reasonably priced. The service was quite good and attentive and there are lots of hotties working there.

11-15-04, 00:17
The salad bar comes with any order of more than 8.50 pesos. The hotties are both employed there and as customers. This is big restaurant and an excellent value IMO. One might want to skip the Malbec at 14 pesos and go with the Trumpeter Malbec at 28. But I quibble.

11-18-04, 20:59
address is Pasaje del Correo Local 11 Vincente Lopez 1661.

A little pricy for Dickhead, but what the hell I was buying and came highly recomended my Dickhead's nameless attorney whom is always in his shaddow.

Now comes Highly Recomended by Exon whom Love's good food.

A must try, and that means you too Otto next time your in town.


J Beckset
11-19-04, 04:33

Will soon be on my first trip ever to B.A. and I think I've got the monger part of the trip pretty much down pat :-)


Buying beer or drinks, should I stick with the local brand, thinking that U.S./European beers might be very expensive, say at restaurants, etc?

And what *is* the local brand there?

What about drinks and mixed drinks, say at the clubs like Madahos / Shampoo / Blacks - are the vodka drinks expensive? Should I stick to the house brands?

And finally, I'd like to get a bottle of local wine. Any recommendations for good ones that are easy on the wallet (that the locals enjoy as well)?

Thanks guys,


Member #1164
11-19-04, 08:49
Would love to attend the Thanksgiving dinner but I can not. Does anyone know any restaurants here in bs that have a turkey dinner type thing?

Hi #1164,

I'm courious, can you elaborate on why you wouldn't be able to attend the dinner party at the Mansion? The reason I ask is because the primary reason guys give me for not being able to attend functions at the Mansion is because they are traveling with their wife and/or girlfriend, and they think that bring them to the Mansion would be like bringing them to a brothel, thus potentially exposing them (the guys) to a lot of problems.

In any event, please let me assure you that there in NOTHING about the appearance of the Mansion, the people attending the functions at the Mansion, or the conversations between visitors at the Mansion that would offend the sensibilities of a "regular" visitor. In other words, it's just a civilized dinner party, it's not an orgy.

Yes, I know that Capt Dave makes it sound like there are naked chicas around every corner and people having sex in the hallways, but I can assure you that the dinner parties that I host are perfectable suitable for guys to bring wives and/or dates, and that they will feel welcomed and that they will enjoy themselves as they would at any regular dinner party between friends.



11-21-04, 18:49
The latest National Geographic Traveler has an article on BsAs and says "one of the best places to try excellent Argentine wines and catch a jazz or instrumental tango concert ($5 admission) is Club del Vino in Palermo Viejo(Cabrera 4737, 4011-2582)."

I am looking for places to enjoy quiet, romantic jazz and would sure appreciate any reports on any such places.

Thanks, Bob

11-22-04, 18:29
Here are some local brands and my personal opinion on them:

Quilmes: I think this is the most popular brand. I don't like it. I think it is too light. Think Coors. A lot of the chicas like it.
Brahma: My favorite. Think Budweiser. A bit cheaper than Quilmes in the stores.
Isenbeck: A bit more of a distinctive taste. Great on tap but sometimes tastes funny to me in bottles. Better in cans than Brahma, IMO (Quilmes in cans is virtually unbearable to me). Isenbeck tastes a little hoppier. Costs a bit more in the stores than either Brahma or Quilmes.
Palermo: A lighter beer but not so light as Quilmes. Not bad.
Biekert: I don't like this one too well. It comes in a couple of versions including D'Oro which is OK.
Schneider: The Pabst Blue Ribbon of Argentina, normally the cheapest thing you can get.

If you get Budweiser or Heineken here, it will be made in Argentina. Another one that is popular is Warsteiner, also made here. I don't like it. These beers aren't significantly more expensive than the local beers, although Heinken is a bit more just like it is in the US.

I have noticed that a lot of times mixed drinks aren't that much more than beers, at least in the regular bars, and the bartenders often make them really, really strong, like half and half or even stronger. One thing that is popular here is Fernet, which is a 90 proof herbal liquor. Think Jaegermeister but I like Fernet better. Try it with Coca Cola.

Local whiskey: Old Smuggler and Criadores are the two most popular. Neither is too good but I like Criadores better. It is supposedly Scotch but tastes sort of like halfway between Scotch and Canadian Club to me.

Local gin is to be avoided IMHO. Local vodka I have not tried.

Imported liquor will be quite pricey in most bars. Some of the Irish bars have okay prices on Jameson's: 7 pesos in Shamrock, 9 in Kilkenny and The Clover, and 10 in The Temple.

Try Buller's in Recoleta (Restaurant Row) for micro brews. They got some powerful shit there!

I am not a wine expert but there's tons of great wine here, very cheap. I like Nieto Sintinider (sp?), Concha y Toro, and Norton, (reds) all around 8 pesos or so in the store and maybe 18-20 in a restaurant. Anything Malbec, it's hard to go wrong.

Hope that helps.


11-22-04, 21:33
In any event, please let me assure you that there in NOTHING about the appearance of the Mansion, the people attending the functions at the Mansion, or the conversations between visitors at the Mansion that would offend the sensibilities of a "regular" visitor. In other words, it's just a civilized dinner party, it's not an orgy.

Yes, I know that Capt Dave makes it sound like there are naked chicas around every corner and people having sex in the hallways.....



What? No sex in the hallways? Sorry, I shall not be able to make it, Jefe.

Uncle Otto

11-22-04, 22:13

Thanks for clarifying your policy on Mansion dinners (see edited post in blue below). It might be helpful to make that an "official post" in The WSG Mansion section where everyone else will see it.

You might also want to give us a "heads up" on future dinner announcements as to whether the specific event is to be safe for "civilians", or strictly for battle hardened vets.

You have to admit, some of the reports that come out of the dinner parties are pretty salacious. Which is fine, that's what we all look forward to hearing about. The thought that the Sanctum Sanctorum of the WSG would be anything else would probably never occur to us.


Norman Stormin
11-23-04, 22:05
If youīre into the grandure of the turn on the century, try this place. It was abandoned for years and three years ago a Spanish Company bot and restored it. A true work of art. They claim it was built in 1884. It may be true that Las Violetas has been there, but the architecture of the upper floors is definitely of the 1930 era. Notwithstanding, the interior design is a masterpiece of stained glass, bevoled mirrors, and inlaid woods.

The menu and prices are comparative to most confiterias of the city. However, the quality and presentation are on a par with what one would find at the Sofitel or Alvear hotels. Lunchoen for two (a la cart) with wine 40 pesos.

11-25-04, 20:59
Recently I recommended this wine, having tried the Malbec on a number of occasions. I just tried the '04 Cabernet Sauvignon and it was terrible. So avoid that one.

11-25-04, 21:04
When you get tired of being ripped off at La Biela, try this place on Juncal near Montevideo. No, it does not have an outdoor patio where you can watch the chetos go by, but it does smell great from half a block away. Coffee and pastries and light fare. Try the facturas with ananá (pineapple). The place is dirt cheap. My prostitute had café con leche and I a café doble. She had two medialunas. I ordered two facturas but they were huge and I could only eat one. Fortunately she was able to choke down the other one after commenting that she was over 45 kg again (99 lbs). The bill was 4.60 pesos. They have all kinds of cakes and meringues and fruit tarts and and and. You can get fresh bread there 24 hours a day. Yum.

11-29-04, 01:25
Yeah La Biela IS expensive but it's really a great place. I've met some great people over the years there and had some really great business meetings there in the outdoor cafe. I really love the place and the area. I live just a few blocks from the cafe and make it there every chance I get. I was just there today having lunch and the area can't be beat.

Mickey Mouse
11-29-04, 19:17
This must have been the "Worst" dinner I have ever had in BA.

The Service was Atrocious and my Lomo was well overdone (first time ever in BA)!

1. I knew we were in trouble the moment we walked in and the staff spent most of their time chatting and getting their s**t together instead of serving.

2. It took almost 15 minutes to get our drink (wine) order.

3. Our dinners were on the table waiting when we got back from the salad bar with our salads

4. There were 6 entrees (instead of four) on our check for the four of us and two other entrees were incorrect (description and price).

5. Thanx to DH for getting La Cuenta straight and no thanx to the staff who acted insulted and was rude about it. Result: 0 peso tip and buyer beware!

I'll let the others put their two sense in,
This Mouse reporting

11-29-04, 19:30
Yep, two bad experiences out of three there. Second trip the mollejas weren't very good and the bill wasn't right. Third time the service was terrible and the bill wasn't right AGAIN by quite a wide margin and when I asked to speak to the manager and told her this was the second time they had tried to overcharged us she was very defensive. AND then the re-adjusted bill was STILL wrong AND they never came back to check so I figured the correct bill based on the menu prices and we left that amount of money exactly and split.

So fuck that place.

11-30-04, 03:45
Yeah La Biela IS expensive but it's really a great place. [...] I was just there today having lunch and the area can't be beat.

Love La Biela.
At the end of my trip I sat at the counter and ordered a set of cups to bring to the USA. The waiters gathered round me and bid me goodbye. One asked, "So, where in the world have you met the hottest girls."

I smiled and said, "It's the man that makes the woman hot. A woman can be hot with me and cold with you."

The waiter pumped his arm and said, "Cold with me?! Never!!!"

Good times.

12-07-04, 16:37
I am just copying over my post from the BsAs board.....

On the subject of food and drink - there is a really smart bar called Gran Bar Danzon on Libertad just moments off Santa Fe. It is not on street level but on the first floor (American second floor) up a staircase. It is not easy to see the entrance from the street.

This is a really smart bar full of beautiful people (no providers here). Excellent wine, great sushi and the best spring rolls I have had anywhere.

A couple of glasses of wine, sushi and spring rolls should not be more than about 60 pesos.

Anyone else been there ?


Well the spring rolls and the wines are as good as they were on my first trip. 2 servings of spring rolls and 3 glasses of wine for 62 pesos. Not bad considering the kind of place this is and the unique ambience of the place. One day, I will open a bar like this in London and charge GBP 62 for the same :).

Will Fore
12-07-04, 21:15
I just got back from my 4th trip this year. I am not mongering anymore but this site is still good for things. So, thanks guys. I have been to one mexican place in buenos aires and it was horrible. When down there for a few weeks I actually miss mexican food, which I have 2-3 times a week in the U.S.. I love argentine food and that is great but we all have our standard pleasures. Does anyone know of or have a favorite authentic mexican or even salvadoran place in buenos aires?

Oh, and for those that helped me in the discussion of buying land/property -- thank you. I am in the process of buying a beachouse in Villa Gesell and I bought 4 hectares near Lujan. A buenos aires apartment or two is next, para inversion.



Flexible Horn
12-07-04, 21:29
Cabana Las Lilas
Alicia Moreau de Justo, 516
Tel-4313 1336

I can not speak highly enough of the quality of the food at this restaurant.
Without doubt, the BEST steak I have ever eaten, and those few people who know me I love my food (Fat so & so).
The cost was the most expensive meal I have had in BsAs, 300 pesos for two people,with beer's and a 80 pesos bottle of wine. Where I'm from its a very cheap meal, I highly recommend this restaurant & would be shocked if any one did not enjoy themselves, great food !!!!!!!!!!!

12-07-04, 21:55
Hi Jack Daniels
You'll note from a previous post that I'm a great fan of this place on Libertad. It's owned by the same people as Sucre which is also a great restaurant. The sushi at Danzon is fab and on my recent trip to BA from London I was sitting next to a super looking girl who told me that Happy Hour has now been replaced by After Office as the latest fad in BA and that Wednesday is the busy day and not so much Thursday or Friday. Give it a year or two and it'll be Monday!! Let me know about your plans for a London branch....great minds think alike!!


12-10-04, 18:39
Thanks for the link, AmanteLondres.

I tried to get into this place again twice this week but it was packed with people. Looks like it is better at weekends.

12-11-04, 13:12
Well, after all the hype I went to Gran Bar Danzon last night with one of my friends. I gotta say that I was impressed with the place. Itīs small and that is why its so packed. My friend is a regular here and has a lot of pull here. We arrived at about 11 PM and it was packed with many people waiting. He went up to the hostess and told her that he was here and she got us a table within 10 minutes. I was impressed.

I have been to Sucre which the owner also owns and this place is smaller but the food is wonderful. I had both white wine and red wine and they were both fantastic. We had oysters, sushi and spring rolls for appetizers and they all were very good and fresh. I had the duck for the main dish and it was very good. The portion was small but with all the appetizers it was enough. [My friend ordered 24 oysters!]

JackDaniels called my cellphone and so I invited him to join us after we ate. He said he wasnīt feeling well but he sure perked up fast. Talk about getting a second wind. My friend had an amiga with him and she liked JackDaniels. I asked her in the taxi on the way to Madahos if she was going to have sex tonight and she looked at JackDaniels and said, maybe with your friend. Ha, ha. You gotta love living here. She was a non-pro.

Anyway, we had a fun night. I highly recommend this place. I will check it out more during happy hour after work. Itīs not far from my office. Itīs not a cheap place when you have good wine, appetizers and the main course but the atmosphere is great and there are lots of hotties there. Has anyone been to the 3rd restaurant-Bar Uriarte that the same owner has?

12-11-04, 14:09
I wish it could have been her.

I had one too many whiskeys, picked up the wrong girl and the sex was not too good. Just woke up with a hangover.