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04-09-05, 19:25
Hello guys.

I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My name is Claudio.

I've been reading your posts, specially the "spanish phrases" and I noticed some of it were not accurate and others are really wrong, so I thought maybe I could help with something.

Glad you guys like our city and our women lol, and we're always happy to have you with us. So if you think I can help you translating something or in any other way just let me know.


04-09-05, 21:16
Hi Claudio,

How is tha security situation in Bs As at night? Or day, for that matter. I like to hear from you?

Thank again,


04-10-05, 09:34
Hey Acirema,

Well, that depends a lot on the area you live in or spend most of your time. I live in Palermo, very near to Alto Palermo Shopping Center (I don't know if you been here before and you know that place) and I never had a problem regarding security. I'm almost 32 and I've never been robbed or anything in my entire life in Buenos Aires.

Barrio Norte, Palermo, Recoleta are expensive areas to live in, and they're more secure than other parts of the city. Anyway being a tourist you need to avoid certain areas or behaviors, like not carrying expensive cameras with you or watches and stuff that cries out for attention, at night in particular. Avoid having a "tourist look" and speaking aloud in english specially if there's not many people around in dark streets, in other words, try not to cry "I'm a tourist". You need to have with you only the amount of money you need for that night and that's it, leave the rest at home or at the hotel.

Also try to avoid getting out of the city, that is, "Capital Federal" and into "Buenos Aires Province" or the suburbs (Quilmes, Olivos, Vicente Lopez). Almost 80% of all crimes take place in the suburbs, not in downtown areas. And when moving between the international airport and the city try to choose some bus services like "Manuel Tienda Leon" (fix fee, no cheating) or other instead of a taxi cab or "remise" service.

Anyway you need to be smart when it comes to security, in Buenos Aires, New York or wherever. In fact the only time I've been robbed in my life was in Paris at night, one block away from my hotel! So keep your eyes open and you'll be fine.

Take care,


Silent Monger
04-11-05, 07:39
Hola Claudio,

I will be coming to Buenos Aires in June, I will live there for one month. I will be living in a house in Belgrano, can you tell me if this is an ok area of Buenos Aires?

Many thanks,


04-11-05, 22:55
Hey man

Belgrano is big area, it's great but there are zones more "great" than others, but is a calm zone in general.

There's an avenue called Cabildo which is always full of people, big commercial zone with lots of stores, specially clothing stores, McDonald's and many restaurants. The hottest zone in Belgrano is located at Cabildo and Juramento, two avenues full of action. Saturday nights are great, it's a meeting point for many people planning the rest of the night.

June is almost winter in BA, starting June 21st, it's not that cold, specially if you come from the snow (no snow in BA) so be prepared and get a warm little lady for that cold nights. ;-)

Take Care,


Silent Monger
04-13-05, 03:57
Thanks for that informatiuon Claudio; I am really looking forward to my trip there. Your city sounds fantastic!

Daddy Rulz
04-13-05, 14:16
You can catch the subway into town, get off at the Puerydon (probably spelled wrong) station and your a short walk to Madaho or take it to 9 July and your a short cab ride to the triangle or a nice walk if it's not to cold. Saving you many, many pesos over a cab ride.

04-14-05, 18:19

My time has finally come and I will be on my way to BA early next week. Where can I find the best currency exchange houses for USD? Also, are the exchange rates more favorable if I bring traveler's cheques. Better yet, which bank has the least ATM charges?

One more thing. What kind of weather can I expect this time of year. What US city (in terms of weather) would best describe BA at this point.

I will be submitting my bang-reports in the coming days!


Capt Dave
04-15-05, 00:02
Hey there!

In my opinion unless you are planing on exchanging a LOT of money, it doesn't really matter where you go. It is an interesting game to try to get an extra few pesos, but seldom worth the effort! Almost any bank will give you a rate that's withing a few cents of anywhere else.

DO NOT BRING TRAVELERS CHECKS!!! They hate them and charge extra to cash them!

The weather this week sucks - cold and rainy. Next week could be the same, or worse, or sunny and warm.
Bring a light raincoat and maybe a sweater, or better yet just plan on buying a new leather coat here - budget 2 or 300 bucks and you'll get a real lambskin beauty.

Don't worry about anything - you'll have a great time!


04-15-05, 02:23
Is autumn in BA, sometimes rainy, cloudy and the first cold weather of the year (well, not TOO cold though), but the weather keeps changing in BA, anything can happen, from hot sun to cold to rain and big storms.

It's a great idea to buy clothes here, you can get some nice stuff at a very low price. Visit the shopping malls like Alto Palermo, Paseo Alcorta, Galerías Pacífico, Abasto Shopping Center, Unicenter or Patio Bullrich, there's lots of outlets and they're nice places to visit. Also you can get some of your money back at the airport if you fill out a TAX FREE form at the store. You can find more information about this here: http://www.globalrefund.com/default.asp?viewSectionId=156

As David said, you can exchange money at almost the same price in banks and exchange houses; it's not really worthy to go through the city just for an extra cent. In some places like Florida street you can find some people calling out for exchange ("cambio" in spanish), this people are known as "arbolitos", spanish for "little trees", they exchange money sometimes at a higher price than the rest but anyway it’s not a big difference.

Hollywood, I hope you really enjoy your time in our city.

All the best.


04-15-05, 03:27

Thanks for your insight. Someone else (here at home) had also mentioned not bringing USD traveler's cheques. It's good to get a perspective from the guys on the front line. I'll be dropping into that hot LZ in a few days to back you guys up!

Thanks again man. Take it easy.


Daddy Rulz
04-15-05, 03:45
For some bizarre reason getting change in BsAs is IM-FUCKING-POSSIBLE. What I do for cash is just use ATM's (good areas and make sure nobody is lagging around them to rob you) when it asks you how much money you want it will offer several different amounts in multiples of 100 pesos plus a "choose other amount" key. Choose the other amount and if you want 500 peso's get 490, if you want 600 get 590 etc. that way you will start off with 90 pesos in change.

04-15-05, 13:39
Thanks again brothers.

One more question: Aside from the generous and vast amount of information that exists on this site, what bars and nightclubs would you guys recommend for my nights off when I just want to hang out at a good bar and danceclub (25-35 crowd) to bust the mack on the hoes and maybe get some free sh*t. Any advice?



04-15-05, 18:54
Thanks again brothers.

One more question: Aside from the generous and vast amount of information that exists on this site, what bars and nightclubs would you guys recommend for my nights off when I just want to hang out at a good bar and danceclub (25-35 crowd) to bust the mack on the hoes and maybe get some free sh*t. Any advice?


Try Puerto Suelo(sp?). It is on Vincente Lopez, in between Uriburu and Azcuenaga, on the left hand side of the street, with the cemetery on your right. It does not get going until close to 12:30 to 1:00 a.m., but maybe earlier if the weather is a bit colder.


p.s. If anybody walks by this place, can you please send me a pm with the correct spelling. I want to correct my maps. The former name is Blue Bay, and that is what is on the map. Thanks

04-15-05, 22:24
Thanks again brothers.

One more question: Aside from the generous and vast amount of information that exists on this site, what bars and nightclubs would you guys recommend for my nights off when I just want to hang out at a good bar and danceclub (25-35 crowd) to bust the mack on the hoes and maybe get some free sh*t. Any advice?


HollywoodI arrived a little more than a week ago. Here are some ideas:

Mundo Bizarro in Palermo Soho: This is a dark cocktail bar with sort of an "alternative" vibe. Lots of local hipsters. Attractive women. I doubt there are any working girls there. I've been going there about every other night as it's walking distance from my apartment in Palermo Hollywood. I've had far too many Pisco Sours and Mojitos, both highly recommended! Gets busy after midnight.

Asia de Cuba in Puerto Madero: This is a restaurant by day but turns into a dance club at night. I chatted with some locals at Mundo Bizarro and they said this was a cool place to go on a Thursday night so I took their advice. I got there around 1am and stayed until closing at about 5am. I danced with several girls. All but one approached me rather than me asking them. Just young things that wanted to dance. I didn't try to hook up with them after. It was hugs and kisses and maybe I'll see you again. Dress sort of hip. Jeans are ok but wear a cool shirt if you do so. I think it was $10 cover but you get a free drink with that. Plenty of people were sitting at the bar or standing around it but I was having fun on the dance floor.

Opera Bay was recommended to me as another cool dance club in Puerto Madero but it was closed when I went by it on that same Thursday. I've chatted with some local girls who mention this is a nice place.

I hit the Kilkenny pub in Retiro on a weekday afternoon around 5pm. Plenty of tourists and local business people. There seemed to be local women trying to hook up with the guys. I don't care much for the tourist scene but this place seems nice enough to have a Guinness every once in a while if you're not feeling original and maybe meet a local, for better or for worse, looking to meet a foreigner.

By the way, it's my opinion that Palermo Viejo is the cool place to drink and eat. There are fewer tourists and all the crap (think touts on Av. Florida) that comes with that. Don't confine yourselves to Recoleta and the Centro.