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Young & Restless
04-30-05, 12:02
il Gran Caffé
Florida y Av. Cordoba
Tel: 4326-5008

Two words... sexy waitresses!!! If you are walking to Café Orleans coming from Maipu, you have to walk in front of this place to get there. Whoever selected the attire worn by these lovely young ladies deserves a medal. All of the waitresses here wear a conservative white blouse and a yellow skirt that comes up a few inches above their knees and hugs their body in such a way that shows off some really mouth-watering curves.

Obviously, it's a look, but don't touch kind of place, however there's nothing wrong with dropping by for a cold beer and seeing what's on the menu. I had to mention this place, since females seem to make up the minority of wait staff personnel in most restaurants in South America and the ones here are really hot!