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Young & Restless
04-30-05, 12:03
Café Tortoni
Av. de Mayo, 825 (Centro)
Tel: 4342-4328

This place was really impressive. The first time my chica and I tried to come here they had a line going outside the door so we took a rain check, but the next time we just walked right in.

Again, I'm not crazy about sweets and usually don't make a special trip for them, but after reading all of the rave reviews about Café Tortoni, I felt obligated to drop by. Sweets are a big part of the menu, but they had sandwiches and other things available too.

The inside of this place is pretty amazing. The wood architecture inside was unreal. They didn't have any pigeons here like at La Biela, but there were plenty of people taking pictures and walking around the café with camcorders. Personally, I liked the pigeons better. Less annoying...

My date ordered apple pie and I ordered strawberry cheesecake. I have to say that this was the best strawberry cheesecake that I have eaten in my entire life. It wasn't as expensive as I thought it would be. For both of our deserts and two café con leches, the bill was about AP $22.

If you're in BsAs and have not been here, I would definitely recommend checking out this place.

05-02-05, 18:28
I visit Tortoni's at least once on ever visit to BA. The inside is very impressive; there is a ot of Art and Photographs on the walls.

With winter on its way I would reccommend you chocolate fans try the Chocolate Espesso. It is kinda like drinking a melted Hershy Bar!

05-21-05, 20:48
This place is rather reminiscent of a Vienna or Budapest coffeehouse. But without the 6 Euro pricetag for an espresso that you'll pay in Vienna. Well worth visiting for cuppa with your date (which you'll probably need to bring with you, unless you fancy picking up chicks that aren't on the program, since there are no WGs that I know of here).

12-18-05, 01:04

It's a great cafe to have a late breakfast, for example. The wooden furniture and the vitreaux are great! I always take visiting friends there and they always love the place!


12-18-05, 02:12
The Vitreaux

Big Bubba
12-19-05, 16:57
Is the restaurant los troncos still open? I don't remember where it is but they are fantastic they were a rival for la estancia on florida street. Also I always loved el palacio de las papa fritas. Man I miss Argentina at times. Ok everyone eat a nice big Tida de asado para mi ok.

Chau todos.


Found los troncos on yahoo very good place http://www.calle52.com.ar/sfx/sfx_12_108.htm