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Young & Restless
04-30-05, 12:04
La Continental
Vicente López, 2124 (Recoleta)
Tel: 4374-1444

I told my girl from Kilkenny's how good the pizza was at Piola, but she insisted that this one was better. This place was much smaller, but more casual that Pizza Piola. Again, there was no pepperoni on the menu, so I requested ‘cantimpalo’.

The waitress seemed a little confused, but a kind caballero from New York that was setting at the table across from me told her that I wanted ‘calabresa’. Amigo, if you read these forums, thanks for your help that day! According to my girl, ‘calabresa’ is definitely the most popular equivalent to pepperoni.

The small pizza here was the same size as the one at Piola (almost a medium in the US). I took a break from the wine and had a Quilmes. Total price was between AP $15-20. It was really good, but I think Piola has the edge.

Jaimito Cartero
05-21-05, 05:11
This chain restaurant seemed to be of good quality to me. This is the more normal thin crust style, and runs between 12-20 pesos for a grande depending on toppings. I also thought their dozen empanadas at 13 pesos or so were quite good.

Norman Stormin
11-21-05, 19:52
They have about 12 outlets in the city. Two across the street from each other on Callo. If you like thin crust crispy, this is the place. Their pasta leaves a lot to be desired.

Norman Stormin
11-21-05, 20:41
I had a pizza in Kentucky on Saturday. It was good and cheap. But I still prefer Continental. I also tried the pasta at Piola about a year ago based on your recommendation. It was good as I recall.

At Kentucky I also got a free side shown when an old lady took a nose dive at the front door. She was bleeding from her brow and knocked out her front teeth. A female cop saw her and came to the rescue. The ambulance arrived and the Doc patched her up but most importantly held her hand. She was most distraught about loosing those teeth.