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Jaimito Cartero
05-14-05, 21:13
Capt Dave and (I think) Jackson recommended this high end buffet to me last week. They have at least 2 locations, one in Puerto Madero as well. I decided to see if I could take the bus there, since I was in no hurry to get there. I bought a 4.5 peso bus guide, but Iīll probably never get my money out of it. However, the seller told me where to catch the bus, so itīll be a wash.

I catch the Number 37 bus from Las Heras and something near Recoleta. There appear to be a lot of different number 37īs, so you have to get the right one. This one had a red placard in the front, and said Costanera on it as well. .80 peso. I start out at a bit after 1pm.

The Argentine bus drivers are just a touch less agressive than the Bangkok ones, so youīd better hold the fuck on, cause they donīt use the brake very much.

It takes about 25 minutes to get there. Itīs past the Newberry domestic airport, next to the ocean. I spot the restaurant, and ring the bell. Itīs a big place, and I look at the informational sign outside. 35 pesos for lunch, Mon-Fri (non holidays), 42 for dinner, and holidays. Kids up to 12 are about 1/2 price.

Itīs Friday, and the place isnīt real crowded. Theīre open from noon to 4pm for lunch. I get a table with a nice ocean view. Itīs cloudy, rough and choppy, but still nice to have a view.

I wasnīt sure how the place was set up, but figured it out pretty quickly. Drinks are not included, except perhaps for some coffee with desert.

I get my normal agua sin gas (3.5 pesos), and then start grazing on the salad, sushi and appetizer bar. They also bring you a very good quality empaņada, a medium sized hot loaf of bread, and a alcoholic drink for free. They brought me a martini or something. I donīt drink much, so no expertise here.

Theyīve got a decent amount of sushi (7 or 8 different kinds, shrimp, salmon, etc), some good cold salads, cheeses, meats and tons of stuff I didnīt even touch.

I ask about the meat, and they say theyīll bring it around. Iīm not sure what this means, but I soon find out. A waiter brings around a wooden platter with a bunch of meat on a skewer. Many are roasts that he will slice off however much you want. A good selection, with very good quality.

I thought the Tiro Asado was the most flavorful. They will bring cooked salmon, lomo, sweetbreads, two types of sausage, chicken and a couple of other beef cuts.

When you have finished stuffing yourself, they then bring the desert menu. Youīve got 10 or 12 options. Iīve included photos of a big tray my waiter brought for another table, plus the one I ate.

Everyone I saw eat here was at least on a two hour lunch. People who were there before me were still there when I was leaving.

Very good service, excellent quality. Go very hungry, and leave busting at the seams. Total bill 38.50 pesos, you can tip on your credit card if you wish.

Lunch 12-4
Dinner 8-2am

I messed around a bit with a new graphics program on my laptop, excuse the photos if they seem too over the top.

Food Quality: 8.50
Service: 8
Variety: 7.75

Young & Restless
05-14-05, 21:30
Hi Jaimito,

I planned on going to at least one of the churrascarias while I was in BsAs, but just never made it to any of them. Thanks for all of your very good restaurant reviews! Also, glad to see that you and some other folks had a good time at Catto’s recently. Keep up the good work!

Y & R

Jaimito Cartero
01-07-06, 13:07
I tried this location out last night and was quite disappointed. The first round of meat they brought by (Chorizo) was fine, but the rest of them were too dry. The salad bar is subpar, although the view of the river is quite nice.

The prices listed outside were 55 pesos for Friday night dinner, although we were charged 44. Perhaps the high season price increase is coming next week?

The other places I ate at this week (Marini and Gourmet Porteņo) were miles ahead of this place.