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05-17-05, 01:15
There are two that I know of. Rumor has it there are more. One is down the street from Jaz pub on Reconquista. I think it is between Paraguay and San Martín on the even numbered or west side of the street. This one has a main level and a basement level. I am going to say 3 pool tables upstairs and 4 downstairs. That is an approximation. The waitresses here are just fucking gorgeous. Pool costs 4.5 pesos a game which seems high in comparison to many things in BA. The lighting is poor, the tables are not level, there are no spots for the rack, and the cues are shit. Plus the tables are too close together. All this makes for a great equalizer; if you are a very mediocre player you still might win. You can do jump shots and massé shots and nobody says anything. If you don't know what a massé shot is we should play some time on your dime.

Pints of beer during happy hour are 4.5 pesos also and I am going to say happy hour is 6 to 10 Monday through Thursday and 8 to 11 Friday. I could be somewhat off here but not too far. I think non-happy hour pints are 6.0. The pizza is good but very salty (surprise). The sandwiches are very good. Avoid the Méxican food. Cream cheese on nachos? Are you serious? And no hot peppers. The Uruguayan style steak sandwich is probably the way to go. The food is reasonably priced. Almost Dickhead priced but not quite.

Did I mention how hot the waitresses are? Oh yeah, I did. There is a blond named Alex to where I would eat a mile of her shit just to get within an inch of her ass hole. I would drag my balls through broken glass to just to blow the guy who fucks her. Lots of hot civilians too. Avoid on Fridays because it is insane. Thursdays are pretty bad too.

The other one is on Ayacucho between Arenales and Juncal on the even numbered side of the street. Five tables on the main level and more upstairs. The bathrooms are downstairs. If you are 5'8 1/4" or more you'd better duck. Also bad lighting, crappy sticks, etc. Same as the other one. Waitresses here are not quite as good looking but very friendly. Similar pricing. I have tried fewer food items here but the quality seems similar and the pizza is definitely good, cheap, and Salty with a capital S. This branch has never been too crowded IME. The (male) bartenders here are cooler and friendlier than the downtown branch from what I have seen.

Both branches are modern, well ventilated, clean bathrooms, good places to troll for amateurs IMO.

OK, off to have a Jameson's at Shamrock for 7 pesos and then toddle off to bed.

One Tree Hill
05-17-05, 03:14
Be advised that any monger who plays pool with Dickhead will be asked to pick up the tab if he should win. One is normally told this, as well as other "Dickhead rules of protocol", AFTER play has taken place.

Beware (and cheat while he goes to the head!) ;)

05-28-05, 14:11
A crosspost from the 2005 section:

Here's a tip for you cheap bastards out there: Many hotels in Microcentro have a brochure rack with business-card sized brochures available for restaurants, attractions, and stores. One which I retrieved for Deep Blue promised a "free beer" with said coupon. Which coupon was sitting safely on my hotel desk when I walked in the door of Deep Blue for a drink a few nights back.