View Full Version : Galeria Pacifico Food Court

05-30-05, 12:06
There is a good food court on the lower level of Galerias Pacifico (the big, upscale shopping mall at the corner of Cordoba and Florida). I ate there the other day and watched the local fauna strut their stuff going back and forth, and can recommend the environment.

For you beer lovers there is a place that has 7 or 8 types of local specialty microbrews for 6 pesos each, called "Estilo Patagonico" or something like that - you can distinguish it from all the raw wooden logs and beams used as decoration, and the fru-fru jars of jams, dulce de leche, preserves and other stuff which they sell at the register. The two beers I had were frankly excellent, one of which was a fruit beer and the other a quite picante pepper beer. Decent sandwich selection as well.