View Full Version : Viejo Teodoro

09-14-05, 17:09
On Arenales between Uruguay and Paraná on the even numbered side of the street. Had a great salmon rosado with saffron sauce. Both fish and sauce were very nice and the sauce was not too rich. Companions had pasta and beef respectively and were also satisfied. The provoleta was only fair as I like mine crispier. Saw a guy with a huge chocolate mousse that looked good. Reasonably priced; my salmon was 18 pesos. All the fish comes with a choice of about eight preparations. They had abadejo and merluza for I want to say 14 and 9 pesos respectively. The white wine wasn't cold enough when it first arrived but after sitting on ice for 20 minutes or so it improved. Next time we'll order red; problem solved.

I would repeat and will repeat since it is only a few blocks from my crib.