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12-21-05, 03:35
This is a Brazilian style churrascaria located in Puerto Madero (about in the middle just before the university) and is probably my favorite churrascaria anywhere, Rio and Sao Paulo included. It is much better than Rodizio IMO in terms of food, service, and presentation. The place is beautiful. They have the largest variety of meats Ive ever seen, which the servers bring directly to you mostly on small spits. My last dinner for 2 cost about p130 which included salad, desert, a bottle of wine, and at least 2 caiparinhas (spelling?). My stomach is usually about to explode after eating here. Dinner is more expensive than lunch. I highly recommend this place - two thumbs up. You will need reservations during most of the weekend unless you go very early or very late.

01-28-06, 12:43
What drew me to this place was live piano music. It's turns out that there is a sax player too. The piano player started about 9:30pm and the sax player started around 10:45. They did a few numbers together and then the piano player took a break while the sax player continued alone (but with recorded accompaniment) Now the piano player is no Oscar Peterson, and the sax player is no Sonnny Stitt. But live music is a nice touch. They were doing selections which appealed to this old man. If you only care for rap or heavy metal you will not care for the music. I think they told me that they have live music every night.

The highlight was one of the hostesses! Hot! Hot! Hot! Really cute face; really cute butt. There was a female photographer around too who was pretty cute.

The deal seems to be a fixed price for a salad bar and selection of various meats brought to your table; French fries were brought to the table at one point too. That was $55 pesos. A chopp was $3.50 pesos and a copa Malbec was $8.00. I selected a chocolate dessert from the menu and all desserts had prices, but I was not charged for the dessert. I don't know if that was a mistake or not. So the bill came to $66.50 and the waiter pointed out that service was not included on the bill.

The salad bar was fantastic. It included rather large shrimp. But you had to shell them yourself, always a messy business. And I did not see anything like cocktail sauce.

The cuts of meat were not always great. Something which I think they said was lamb was leathery. Parts of it were impossible to cut. The beef was not lomo and was a bit tough. Maybe the meats come around in order of quality and I would have received better beef if I had not indicated that I was full.

So far as I could tell the salad bar and meats were all you can eat!

It's an attractive place. The table settings and a number of male hosts in suits and ties give it sort of a formal look. But most of the customers are dressed very informally.

I expect that I will return.


01-28-06, 22:33
Decided to try Spettus yesterday, but it had been closed down by the city.

I don't know for how long or why. But, there have been restaurant inspections, by the city, in Puerto Madero all this week.

Notice of closure only listed the violation number.

Screw that! Not sure I'll try to eat there anymore.