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Norman Stormin
01-10-06, 23:19
Rodriquez Peņa 1832 between Posadas and Alvear. Open everyday except Monday for lunch and dinner. I've been exploring the French cuisine as of late and had great expectations for this place. I was not disappointed.

I arrived without reservation at 13:30 and was greeted by a very friendly doorman who checked my umbrella. Very stately reception room with partioned barroom. The dining room was seperated by glass doors which were opened by a very friendly maitre d' who seated me rear center facing a beautiful atrium. All of this French cordiality was quite unexpected. I was, after all, an uninvited Yankee in King Louis's Court. But then again, these folks didn't speak French.

I had not seen the menu but had some very specific things in mind. Some were available and some were not. I started with the house pate. Excellent at 11p. I chose duck confit with a portabello wine sauce 32p as my main course. I asked for roquefort cheese to finish (not on the menu) but a large portion nicely gaurnished with fruits and nuts was provided for 16p. A glass of house cabernet turned into a full bottle 28p. Water 3p coffee 3p. No cover.

I was very happy with the portabello wine sauce but could not identify one of the ingredients and asked the waiter for help. He said he would ask the chef. Well suprise, suprise, here comes the chef in full mess dress. I am sure he wanted to investigate who was asking such a classified question. I did not pass his "need to know" criterion. However, he did allow me to know him. Juan Portela, the son of an Argentine diplomat who spent time in the US and Europe. He graduated from culinary school in Lausanne and did in fact speak French. He is also the owner of the restaurant under contract with the club.

I was very pleased with the entire experience: ambiance, service, food and price. By the way, they have a prix fix lunch of appetizer, main plate, desert and beverage (no wine) for 25p.

01-11-06, 12:43
I just wanted to say that I appreciate your recent series of posts on good places to eat, Norman. Thanks very much. I shall put your recommendations to good use on my next visit.

Norman Stormin
01-11-06, 16:22
Somtimes I feel like the Jew at the Wailing Wall who is asked by a Christian what he is doing. The Jew replies he is talking with God. The Christian asks if God ever replies. The Jew says sometimes, but usually I feel like I am talking to a wall!

Norman Stormin
01-17-07, 16:38
The restuarant, not the club. But since the restuarant was the only reason it was open daily, there was no one to ask when or why. I asked the doorman next door who in typical clueless fashion answered two years ago. When I told him I had eaten there less than a year ago, he said about a year ago.

Another one bites the dust. Seems like there is a 50% annual death / turnover rate here. Perhaps there is a relation with bi annual leases. Or maybe two years is how long Daddy's inheritance lasts.