View Full Version : La Caballeriza - Puerto Madero and Recoleta

02-15-06, 13:06
Every time I've walked by this place it has been packed. So I thought that it must be worth a try.

Went at 9pm when it was still relatively empty. Atmosphere is rustic. I opted for the English menu. Many items are identified as individual servings or "to share". Don't you believe it. My individual salad was easily enough for two (assuming they are having something else). It was good, but I wish the restaurants here offered the same selection of salad dressings we have back in the States. Sometimes I don't mind oil and vinegar, but sometimes I want something like Italian.

For my main course I ordered the lomo and chicken brochette. Perfectly OK but I couldn't detect anything special about it. It struck me as about the right amount for one person. The fries were very good but too much for one person.

I was in a booth, and there is no padding on the benches, and by the time I had finished eating my skinny butt was getting quite sore.

Since they offer café descafeinado I could order dessert and I ordered the mousse de chocolate. Quite good I thought, although not very light, and way, way to much for one person.

I don't recall the total damage, which means that it couldn't have been really inexpensive or the opposite.

I don't expect to repeat. It was nothing special and there are so many other places to try. Why the place is generally packed I cannot understand.

Buen provecho, Bob

05-26-06, 12:41
Judd, Lowlight and I checked out the one in Recoleta last night. Judd and I grabbed a seat at the bar after informing the hostess that we were waiting on others. She let us know immediately when a table was available. We ended up splitting a big salad (lots of raw onion) a chicken breast (well, maybe I ate all that) and a bife de chorizo. Oh, and lots of fries. It turned out that perhaps the steak could have been cooked a little less and the chicken a bit more (I abstained from the bloody part) but overall the food was good.

Our server brought us cards from Madaho's after we asked him for the bill. Has this ever happened to anyone else?