View Full Version : Gatto Blanco (Tigre-Delta)

One Tree Hill
02-16-06, 01:10
Took a little boat trip to this restaurant with a nonpro today. 30p roundtrip for a 30 minute or so boat ride up to the riverside restaurant.

Nice outdoor deck with views of the river.

Best steak ever in Argentina. I had Ojo de bife a la criolla.

Which is to say with a fresh salsa of tomato and onion on top. I ordered it jugoso. It was incredibly tender and tasteful. Came with a potatoes and carrots. Simply awsome. Here is a menu rundown.

2 Quilmes Imperials '18p.

1 Provoleta with ham and pimento 16p.

1 arugula and cherry tomato salad 12p.

1 bife de ojo a la criolla 29p (large cut)

1 Salmon a la parilla with boiled potatoes 32p.

Ice cream with fruit salad 10p.

Sevesio de mesa 8p.

10p discount for taking the boat trip.

Total 115p plus 15 for tip ttl = 130p.

Not bad and great views and awsome food! Best this trip.

Pics below