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02-26-06, 15:58
Hello Everyone,

Of all the experiences I have had in BA, my favourite (not the hottest) by far was Marcella.

She is a real GFE experience, but also a nympho - there have been days I didn't think I could get it up again, and she would get another final salute:-)

She does BBBJ, absolutely excellent full body massages, and every position imaginable.

She is a little chubby by Argentina standards, but still has a good body in my mind, and how she rubs it against you!

Not a clock watcher by any means, the first night I met her at Cocodrillo and took her home from 7am to 2pm for 100p.

I then booked her again (she speaks zero english, but a single txt message with my address was enough for her to show up a few hours later)

Since it was my last night, and she stayed all night and also blew me out bob marley style (my first since I have been here) I paid her 300p.

She worked her arse off for it, and I usually wouldn't pay so much, but it was my last night and wanted to be nice to her.

Anyways, her number is 15 50649235

02-27-06, 03:51
Any photos at all? Or pehaps she has a web site listing somewhere?

Full Throttle
02-27-06, 12:01
/ also blew me out bob marley style.

I'm pop-culture challenged. What's that? My guess is beso negro, but I hate thinking there is a perversity of which I am not aware.


El Perro
02-27-06, 14:53
I am guessing he got shotgunned with a load of ganja!