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El Perro
03-21-06, 17:31
Had lunch here today with my porteno buddy, who is on top of all the best decent, but cheap restaurants in Barrio Norte. This place is at Talcahuano 937 (4816-1758) Near Marcelo de Alvear. Essentially an old Italian style pizzaria place. Loaded with locals for lunch and dinner. The "chica" pizzas ran from 12p to about 18p tops, and were huge. Enough for two assuming one of you is not starving. The big pizzas are monstrous. Best pizza since I can remember when. Highly recommended, with mucho local flavor, and for sports fans, many boxing posters from the 60s-80s that I had never seen.

Perro gordo

03-21-06, 23:34
Yep, the place is really good. Very large and hectic, but excellent thick pizza.

With really fresh ingredients. The small is plenty for 2 large men and the cost is about 12-14 pesos. My favorita is the napolitana with ham and fresh tomatos; this has become the take home next day trysting menu with the main favorita.

El Perro
03-22-06, 00:28
Yep, the place is really good. Very large and hectic, but excellent thick pizza.

With really fresh ingredients. The small is plenty for 2 large men and the cost is about 12-14 pesos. My favorita is the napolitana with ham and fresh tomatos; this has become the take home next day trysting menu with the main favorita.Stormy,

Funny you mentioned the next day leftovers. The porteno I was with today said that most locals don't do the boxed take home. He didn't say why, and I didn't ask. Must be a point of misplaced pride, what with the economy being what it is. Or maybe something else entirely?

04-13-06, 05:40
Went here tonight. Thought it was just okay. Service was spotty. Pizza is different from the flat ass norm. Dough is yeastier. Empanadas generously sized but burned on the bottom. Pricing is good from a Dickhead standpoint.

Would I repeat? Yes but would not repeat the empanadas even though they are a good value. Better empanadas to be had. Stick to pizza here. Also I think the available combos are unimaginative. Best idea here would be to order by the slice and try a few different things, IMO.

Capt Dave
04-13-06, 05:56
I ordered the pizza "atomico", which actually was tasty and remarkably picante for Argentine food. Although most of the heat came from tobasco sauce, it was still pretty good with a LOT of cheese and a layer of crushed red pepper under the cheese. Unfortunately, this is one of the selections that is NOT available by the slice, and even though the "chica" was 16 pesos it was more then I could eat.


Big Friendly
12-12-06, 00:10
I ate at El Cuartito on Saturday evening with an Argentine. We had 4 pieces of pizza each and 3 litres of beer. We tried the onion and cheese, spinach and cheese, plain cheese and the tomato sauce and anchovy pizzas. All were very tasty and fresh from the oven. There were few empty seats in the house. Total bill for 2 was 41 AP. I am definitely going back.


Jaimito Cartero
12-12-06, 16:39
Good pizza an empanadas, and I didn't go there? Woe is me.:)

Flexible Horn
03-13-07, 22:39
That no good septic tank Daddy Rulz has taken me here twice and I would place the pizzas here in my top 2 of all times.

Value for money this place rates a 9+.

Definitely worth a visit if you like pizza's.


03-16-07, 11:59
The CUARTITO is a classic in the neighbourhood!

For many years is had been a non expensive place where you can go if you want to eat good and don't have much time. You can ask for a "porcion" and a glass of wine or beer and ate it on the counter.

That was 20 years ago, more or less.

Lately it became a a kind of family place. The saloon gets bigger and now it's already a classic.

Daddy Rulz
03-16-07, 14:45
Dogg is a shrink, they are always looking for deeper meaning hence additional value. 16 pesos for a small calabresa, if your still hungry augment, like boobies, with a portion or two of another kind. The locals like to drink a mix of beer and orange fanta, I'll be sticking to coca cola. For all you pepsi haters they have coke, not the Romina sniffing kind but the DR drinking kind.

El Perro
03-16-07, 14:53
I eat here at least once every two weeks, and would be more often if I was still in Barrio Norte. Hard to beat. Caveman01 has been eating here since he was a little tire biter.

04-15-07, 18:04
I love this place. It's got a diner type of atmosphere and cheesy posters of various sports stuff--mostly boxing and futbol--all over the wall. I was jonesin' for something spicy and tried the Atomico pizza which has something akin to pepperoni, lots of cheese, probably tabasco and slices of red pepper on the top. Good times, though I'd trade in the surly waiters for some friendly chicas any day.

04-15-07, 23:25
I will be there Tomorrow, my report will be forthcoming. I hope you guys know what you are talking about. I have searched far and wide for good pizza, I have also looked for consistantly good empanadas. This place sounds really good.


04-16-07, 00:41
Empanadas- a couple of blocks away from the cemetary.

El Sanjuanino Posadas 1515 by Callao- I think the emapanadas were 1.50 P a piece. I had 3-one pollo, 2 carne spicy.

5P -real nice snack to hold me for 2-3 hours.

Oddly located in a very fancy area.



El Perro
04-16-07, 02:14
I will be there Tomorrow, my report will be forthcoming. I hope you guys know what you are talking about. I have searched far and wide for good pizza, I have also looked for consistantly good empanadas. This place sounds really good.


My favorites are the Napolitana and the Fugazetta. If you are a die hard thin pizza fan El Cuartito will not be for you, however, if you are in the mood for a high cholesterol, knock me down and drag me out pizza-this is the place. And yes, the futbol and boxing posters from "the day" are great.

04-16-07, 22:01
Ok I finally got a chance to check out El Cuartito,.

The minute we got into the cab, the driver asked where we were going, the moment I said El Cuartito, he starts telling me how it is the best pizza place in BA. This is a very good sign for me.

We get there around 7 pm, the place is nice, somewhat homey feel to it, many business men standing around eating pizza and drinking beer. Also many couples sitting down at the tables. The three of us sat down by the window. The service was prompt and very polite. We ordered 3 drinks (2 sodas and 1 water) we then ordered 2 porciones of mozzarella cheese pizza for my friend, 2 empanadas (1 meat 1 chicken) and a small Pizza Atomica for my girlfriend and I to share.

They brought the drinks quickly and 5 minutes later my friend had his cheese pizza and we had the empanadas. The empanadas were good. Not as good as the ones at El Mirasol but much better than many others I have tried. The pizza my friend had (I had to try some:D) was fricken delicious. Made me think of back home right away. Thick good quality crust, almost deep dish like. Yummy tomato sauce base, and really tasty mozzarella cheese. The BEST cheese pizza I have had in BA, HANDS DOWN. About 10 minutes later the Atomica made it's apearance. The pizza was also very good. It was packed with crushed red peppers, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, sausage, and Tabasco sauce. We could not finish the pizza at it is easily enough for 3 people, I had 3 slices and was done.

I would honestly say they have the best american style pan pizza in Buenos Aires. I would probably not hit another pizza place in BA. If you like thin crust, don't bother coming here. They only have thick crust.

The prices are $1.80-$3.50 for single slices, $8-$20 for small pizzas and $15-$42 for the large pizzas. The empanadas are $2 pesos each. I would say a small pizza is more than enough for 2 people and just enough for 3. The total bill came out to $35 pesos add a $5 peso tip and the total meal for three hungry individuals was $40 AR, or about $13 US. The only hitch for me is, since I live in Las Canitas, it is a $25 peso round trip taxi ride. But it is definitely worth the price. I would recommend this place to all ex-pats or simple tourists who find themselves craving US style thick crust pizza.

PS, they deliver, though I don't know if they will come all the way to where I live. I willl be sure to find out next time. Plus, I took the pizza I didn't eat home with me. I certainly don't have any socio-econimc hang ups regarding taking home pizza leftovers:D. That was some good ass take home pizza I just ate 5 minutes ago.


Rockin Bob
05-02-07, 20:10
This is where I go for pizza, and I'm from New York. What more can I say?

El Perro
05-02-07, 20:35
This is where I go for pizza, and I'm from New York. What more can I say?I'll be there again tonight. I hit this place about once every two weeks, and it's not around the corner for me anymore. A good place to start off the night, followed by a walk to Exedra, and then whatever the night brings.

Rockin Bob
05-03-07, 11:42
I forgot to mention that El Cuartito has enshrined on the wall a soccer jersey signed by Diego Maradona himself. You can feel the presence.

Also they have Stella Artois.

I also wanted to say that for a good choripan, there's a little parilla right near El Cuartito. You go out and head left toward Av. Cordoba, it's right at the beginning of the next block on the right. It's not the Ritz (nowhere I go is) but it's fine for a cheap lunch. I think the name of it is Plan B or something.

Also there's another place for pizza, you leave El Cuartito and head right toward Av Santa Fe, it's in the middle of the next block on the left. Decent pizza, not as good as El Cuartito. It's called La Continental.

El Perro
05-03-07, 13:38
Do NOT order the fugazetta con jamon grande unless there is more than two of you. My buddy and I went that route last night and barely made our way through half of it, despite being famished. We then boxed up the remainder against local convention and gave it to one of the little beggar girls at Exedra.

04-21-08, 14:08
I went there about a week ago. This place is all about the fact thats been there from the 30s. Basicly, its a thick crust pizza hut with that oily and crispy bottom that I don't like. To me a pizza if not thin crust, is not a pizza.

Took whatever best pizza they have on the menu the fully loaded one (didnt get the that thousand island mayo on top of palmito wich ended up covering the whole pizza, killing the taste of the mozza / parma cheese combo and all the rest. Anyways large for some 55p+ ate half took the rest to my place, next day looked at it in the fridge and straight to the basura.

Place is not for me since its not thin crust.

04-21-08, 16:19
Place is not for me since its not thin crust.Hi,

I posted a list of some recommended pizza restaurants here:


For thin crust pizza, you could give a try to "Los Inmortales", in Corrientes Ave at the corner of Uruguay St.

All the best

04-21-08, 22:58
Thank you Guiller I will definitly drop by that place.

Aussie Marc
04-22-08, 19:59
Dropped by this pizzeria today at lunchtime. Simple yet classic little place, love the posters of the boxing bouts from the 1980s - Hagler, Leonard, Hearns etc - brought back some great memories of the Golden Era of middleweight boxing!

Oh, the pizza.

Ordered the ATOMICA, chica size. Well I finished the pizza easy enough, it wasnt too small or large for me. But I am big eater. Having a very spicy palette I didnt find it overly piccante, but for other people it might be. I ended up spreading some chilli flakes over it to give it a bit more of a kick. The ingredients were fresh and tasty, and the thick crust was perfect for a hungry man after a session at Maipu 359.

23 pesos for a chica pizza I suspect is not super-cheap by BA standards, but for 36 pesos (pizza plus a 1 litre bottle of Cristal) it was a nice lunch.

Gato Hunter
11-20-09, 22:20
Agreed that was some good stuff! Its my favorite in BA.

Nice call on the Fugazetta con Jamon y onion.

Well besides my girl from madahos that's coming up the elevator now before work!

El Queso
11-22-09, 02:16
Yeah, El Cuartito was definitely firing on all cylinders Thursday night!

In the past, I have only had empanadas there a few times, but Thursday I had a couple of chicken empanadas that were devine.

And the pizza! Three pizzas - calebresa, pepperoni (almost the real thing, good flavor) and onion and ham. Tasty tomato sauce, plenty of cheese, nicely cooked crust. Extremely tasty!

11-27-10, 21:20
Still the best pizza in town, with lots of atmosphere thrown in for nothing. BUT. And its a big but, the prices have soared through the roof.

Chica pizza now circa 42 pesos and a litre of Qulimes 22

Gato Hunter
06-22-11, 22:30
Is there anyone in town that could take a photo of the current menu and prices?

I will reward you with some chica phone numbers after my next trip.

This is my favorite pizza in BA. The fugazzeta is amazing.

El Perro
06-14-14, 02:50
From ESPN today: