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04-08-06, 17:30
Hello Brisel is a beautiful girl who this in Palermo and has a tariff of 150 $ arg the hour is very sensual and has a perfect body. One is in the Castex street and its Web site is: www.brisel.8k.com

04-11-06, 03:16
This chick looks hot, gonna have to add to the To Do (literally) list for the next trip:-)

05-02-06, 20:20
I had sex with Brisel this afternoon. I had spoken with her over the weekend. She actually initially quoted me 200 pesos but quickly retreated to 150. Castex 3365 7B. Castex is only a few blocks long but it's near Libertador and Jeronimo Salguero.

Very nice girl and cute. Looks just like her photos (imagine that). I doubt she is 21 like her website says, more like 25, but young and firm. A nasty C section scar but no tats that I recall. Maybe she has one or two small ones. A very nice ass, not a small ass but very round and firm. Titties are just okay. Excellent attitude, friendly, not nervous about inviting a strange gringo into her apartment.

BBBJ without asking but unremarkable. DFK but I don't think she is a very good kisser. Wet and sloppy and mostly tongue without much lip action. Sex was okay. She had Tulipan rubbers which suck. Normally I bring my own but I wanted to investigate what she had to offer. She has a single bed which is a drag. It is just a small efficiency apartment and it was too warm for my tastes.

Fucked her, had a glass of water, chatted a bit and left. For 150 pesos IWNR but for 100 I probably would so maybe I will discuss that with her.

Attitude 9 (very nice person)

Looks 7 (minus one for the scar)

Performance 5.5

Facilities 5 (obviously this can be rectified for the price of cab fare)

05-06-06, 12:36

Good to see you back in action again.

Your other posts are ok, but this is more valuable.

Keep it up!