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Rock Harders
04-10-06, 00:24
El Salto de Las Ranas.

1169 Rodriguez Pena entre Santa Fe why Arenales.

Barrio Norte.

This place is a Mexican Restaurant located in a very accessible area right in the heart one of the nicest areas of Capital Federal. I went here on Friday night with one of my Argentine lady friends (non-pro) as a "welcome back" dinner since we both like Mexican food. I am a big fan of Mexican food, and although you are not going to get it as good as you can in the EEUU, El Salto de Las Ranas (the jump of the frogs) is the best Mexican food I have had in Argentina, better than both Xalapa and Cielo Lindo, both of which are located in Palermo Viejo. Anyway, I had a margarita with Cuervo 1800 and ordered a side shot of Grand Marnier so I could have my Golden Margarita as I would in the EEUU. I ordered Fajitas Completas, which consisted of a large platter of carne, pollo, camarones, puerco why verduras, along with the obligatory cebolla why marrones. Although lacking the spice factor that I crave, it was really fucking good. The lady had something I did not recognize as Mexican but whatever it was she enjoyed it. Total bill, with several beverages and a quesadilla appetizer, $86 pesos. At least half the bill was me being a pig with the drinks, ordering 1800, Grand Marnier, etc. Overall highly recommended, and I will probably go to this place at least once a week because it is around the corner from my pad.


Dirk Diggler

04-13-06, 23:46
I cannot concur with Dirk's impression. What I had here I would not call Mexican. It wasn't terrible, but in my opinion it was not Mexican. And I am not talking about spicyness. I don't mean it wasn't spicy enough, I mean it wasn't Mexican. In my opinion.


04-13-06, 23:55
I've been all over Mexico and have lived there and the food at El Salto de las Ranas is so far from Mexican that it isn't even funny. Nor do I find it to be good (three visits, all at others' behest). The carnitas are hideous.