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04-13-06, 05:03
I refer to the branch near Las Heras and Colonel Diaz.

Short version: sucks right out loud.

Professional restaurant review: We enter, four of us, and are seated. Two leave to? Shake the snake, who knows? Waitress is oblivious and takes drink orders. My friend offers to buy me a margarita in return for insisting on the smoking section when only 25% of us smoke. I agree, but she should either wait or return soon to take the other two guys' drink orders.

After quite a long time, two vaguely green pale flavorless drinks arrive in small, silly glasses. My friend takes a sip. I take one too and am like WTF but he is buying me a drink so I say nothing. My friend takes another drink and states, "This is the worst margarita I've ever had. I am sending it back." I concur.

We order some appetizers. One was a smoked salmon. They have finally developed a virtually flavorless salmon. This may benefit people who really don't like seafood and are just going along with the crowd when appetizers are being ordered. The other was guacamole with chips. Another friend's priceless comment was: "2004 was a very good year for chips." For the 50% of the forum readers who have below median IQs this means they were stale. Also we had a big pile of guacamole and very few chips. Note to management: avocados cost more than tortillas. We send the guac back too, and request more chips with the hopefully revised version.

Revised version contains no visible revisions. Worst guacamole I've ever had. No zing, no zest, big nasty chunks, the whole nine negative yards. Sacked in the backfield, way deep, like a punter would be. We bail without even gambling on the overpriced entrees.

Without a doubt my worst restaurant experience in BA, and furthermore no one working there seemed to give a shit.

04-13-06, 05:27
No, I don't get it.

If their teeth were on fire, would you piss in their mouth?

Yes or no?

04-13-06, 05:32
Sure. It would probably add some flavor to an otherwise puerile environment.

Capt Dave
04-13-06, 05:50
Although agreeing with Dickhead seems to be somewhat out of fashion here, I'm afraid this time he nailed it. What he didn't mention is that the prices have also gone up over 1/3 since the last time I was there!

It's a shame, because Tucson used to be a place to get a really pretty good hamburger, and their margaritas were tasty.

Tonight they managed to convince me not to bother to come back!

Oh well, somewhere in BsAs there must be a decent restaurant, if we look hard enough!


Hobby Fan
04-13-06, 15:22
I was at the table with DH and Capt Dave and I generally agree. I did think that the salmon and the service were acceptable but I may have lower standards. I tasted one of the returned Margueritas and it was indeed lacking in flavor. Both the chips that we initially rejected and then the replacement chips were quite stale. The guacamole itself was substandard.