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05-06-06, 00:13
Recently I sessioned a girl at Madonna (Melanie IIRC) and the experience was disgusting due to her body. The golden rule of whoaring applied again - when body parts are concealed there is always a good reason.

I selected this girl because she was quite pretty - a 20yo Sophia Loren that looked pretty good clothed in the dark corner. However, I just settled for a blow job upstairs because her body was so bad and I may not have been able to fuck it.

This girl had absolutely zero "muscle" or "meat" tissue in her, she was 100% flabby blubber (20yo remember). Poking your finger into any part of her - thighs, stomach, ass - was like poking your finger into a soft pillow or jelly jar. This is rare for an Argentine (or Brasilian) girl. Though most apparently don't work out, often eat poorly, chain smoke, etc the majority of young ones seem to be in great shape, or maybe I should say of good genes/stock(?).

Here I'll pose a question hoping that Mpexy, Dirk, or others can answer. When I see my hot young chicas on the beach, in clubs etc and they have firm, full, round asses and thighs/calves/arms but flat stomachs - not fat but healthy and voluptuous - are their asses & thighs muscle, meat, firm shapely fat, or other? If it is muscle than it must be different than male muscle since although firm and beautiful, it is not "hard" or "ripped" like a fit man's quads/calves, luckily.

When I look at a steak, I see meat, fat, bone, and muscle/grisle. I like a good lean 400gr bife de chorizo which is mostly meat with just a bit of fat on the edge to keep it juicy but the fat part is not mixed in with the meat part. I'll compare a steak to a human. A young, wiry male appears to be mainly bone and grisle/muscle (yuck!). A healthy young Argentine woman, however, seems much more like nice thick bife de chorizo (quite meaty in fantastic places, but apparently not "fat")

If you guys could tell me if the shapely, well rounded young portenas I see every day are "meat" or "fat", Id appreciate it. I like to have a healthy diet.

I believe that tits are another subject, since my remedial studies tell me that they are glands/organs and not really comparable to the rest of the body. Though they may be glands, I *think* they are mostly fat. How can it be then that some busty young women (even some not as young) can have full, firm, well shaped tits (talking naturals of course) and others have flabby pancakes? Do some girls have "better" fat than others?

Curious Moore

Norman Stormin
05-06-06, 16:28
As usual Moore, your questions seem to be rhetorical as you have cleverly answered most of them. I, like you, have great difficulty phucking phat ones. A recent experience with an exquisite faced, vivacious phat one required a small dose of vitamin V to consumate the deal. Out of curiosity, I have read quite a bit on the subject and will share some of my conclusions.

Your first premise is correct: "the majority of young ones seem to be in great shape, or maybe I should say of good genes / stock (" "Genes" are the foundation of what we are. "Young" is a loaded adjective which requires a great deal of elucidation.

Next, a leading question in which your conclusion is correct: "When I see my hot young chicas on the beach, in clubs etc and they have firm, full, round asses and thighs / calves / arms but flat stomachs - not fat but healthy and voluptuous - are their asses & thighs muscle, meat, firm shapely fat, or other?" It is indeed firm shapely phat.

Females have 20% more adipose tissue than males, collecting primarily in the hips, thighs and breasts. In males it tends to collect in the abdominal region. It is interesting to note that the penis, even in the morbidly obese, has no adipose tissue. The breasts of a non pregnant, non lactating female are 90 % phat.

Adipocytes store phat. A collection of adipocytes is called adipose tissue which is a connective tissue providing insulation and shock absorbtion. Our genes determine how many adipocytes we have and their general distribution. Adipocytes grow in size, not in number of cells. The number of cells you are born with is generally the number you die with. It is only the volume of phat stored in each cell which fluctuates.

You have undoubtedly heard the phrase "baby phat". It is true that babies are born with more phat stored in their adipocytes to insulate them from cold and store energy for famine. The volume of phat stored generally decreases at weaning. The only time adipocytes will increase in number is from overfeeding at birth to the onset of puberty. Overfeeding and improper diet at this age will predispose obesity.

Collagen and elastin are the explanation of youth. They are also connective tissues but are made of protien rather than phat. They bind everything together and provide tinsel stregnth to everything, especially the dermis and adipose tissues. Scares, for example, are primaily collagens. Like rubber bands, these deteriorate with age (flabby adipose) and exposure to the Sun (loose dermis) As you may suspect, since these are protiens, their mantainance and longevity require a diet rich in protien.

Your closing rhetorical question pretty much sums it up: "Do some girls have "better" fat than others?" Of course they do. Phemale's quantity and quality of phat distribution is what differentiates them from males. "Shapely, well rounded young Portenas" says it all. Good genes, good upbringing and protien rich diet.

I would venture to say that Melanie has mostly mongoloid genes, was breast fed until at least five, and was weaned on a rich carbohydate diet resulting in thrice the normal adipocyte cell count at twice the normal cell weight and half the normal collagen to hold all that adipose tissue together.

Prognosis: Teach her to swallow!