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05-29-06, 16:58
Greetings everyone,

When I go to a bar to watch a major sporting event on the TV in the company of other sports fans, I generally prefer to listen to the play-by-play and color commentary of the announcers, hear the sound of the crowd at the event, etc. However, it seems that lately at El Alamo they have decided that loud music is the preferred background audio for a sporting event instead of the broadcast's own sound track.

Hey, maybe it's just me, and one thing for sure, Peter's latest marketing moves have definitely brought in more traffic, so it's quite possible that I'm in the minority here and that the loud music is the crowd's preference. Personally, I think that during major sports events such as the NBA Playoffs that they should turn off the music completely and play the game's audio, and after the sports event is over, turn the music on again.

Anyway, this isn't a referendum on El Alamo, because I'd still frequent and recommend the place if they played waltz music, simply because I like the people, the staff and the owner.

Still, I'd like to know if anybody else agrees with me on this point.



El Perro
05-29-06, 17:18
I am in total agreement here with Jackson, particularly when the video is less than perfect, as is often the case. As regards the Alamo policy on this, maybe they think there are so many sports fans viewing, that they would never be able to play music. So, some flexibilty definitely needed I guess. In addition, if the music is supposed to be part of what is drawing the under 30 set, I doubt it. The under 30 age bracket is NOT coming in for Bruce Springsteen and Tom Repetitive. My guess is that there might be a few employees (possibly of the chica gender) wielding undue influence here. As has been noted in the Miss Sol thread, WTF!


05-29-06, 17:33

Just out of curiosity did the El Alamo have the Indy 500 on yesterday.

Best race I can remember.


El Perro
05-29-06, 17:45

Just out of curiosity did the El Alamo have the Indy 500 on yesterday.

Best race I can remember.

ExonYeah, it did. I was in for late breakfast. There were TWO guys watching.

Hobby Fan
05-29-06, 17:47
We are all going to favor game audio, but we have to remember that Peter needs to please his hot young American chica crowd as he really needs them to pull in the American college boys. But Jackson is right, it is maddening not to have audio, and this is particularly true for a big game, or when the video is suboptimal due to using a computer link for the feed rather than receiving direct broadcast.

Peter's call, of course. I think a good solution for him would be to switch to audio whenever it is obvious the crowd is really into the game.

05-29-06, 19:33
Personally, I stopped going to El Alamo as much when it changed recently from the more relaxing hangout place to what on many nights is simply a soccer hooligan crowd watering hole.

I'd prefer the audio from the games too, but I'd also prefer another poll asking whether the nice, decent crowd I was watching games with when entire NFL playoffs was running last Jan.-Feb. Has changed into a hooligan punk crowd.

Rock Harders
05-29-06, 19:44

As many of you already know, El Alamo has undergone a bit of a metamorphisis over the past six weeks. Between the hours of Midnight and 8am (especially weekends) El Alamo is transformed from a quiet place to have a conversation and / or watch sporting events to a loud, dark, frat-party atmosphere frequented by the 18- 28 year old Argentine and foreigner crowd. Sometimes, this loud, drunken crowd spills over into the "quiet" hours of El Alamo and causes some disturbances. These people come to listen to loud music, to be loud, and to have a good time just like at any other nightspot in Buenos Aires. This all occurs in the downstairs bar area, which is open 24/7.

Fortunately, the vast majority of US sporting events are over before the frat party scene gets going. Therefore, if you are in El Alamo sometime before 12am, and wish to hear the audio to a game in progress, just tell the bartender exactly what you want and I am sure they will, without delay, adhere to your request.


Dirk Diggler

Charlie Horse
05-29-06, 21:38
Is there close captioning? In many bars, with mutliple sets, I don't mind the game on with music going on if I can read the scroll.

05-29-06, 23:20
He's gotta pay the rent. Personally I can usually barely hear the TV audio anyway.

05-30-06, 02:44
He's gotta pay the rent. Personally I can usually barely hear the TV audio anyway.Hi Hunt and Dirk Diggler,

That's the problem. When the sports audio is turned on, they still leave the music on. The TV's small speakers can't compete with the bar's sound system, so you still can't hear the program.

I believe that if turning off the music and turning up the TV for sporting events will lead to a loss of business for the bar, then let's drop the option. But if it's being done only because the good guys at El Alamo simply don't know that their customers have a preference, and if doing it has no negative effect on business, then I ask that they consider the option.



05-31-06, 14:15
In the sports bars I know, there are usually TVs set to several different games. In El Alamo it has been no different. And different TVs going at the same time can be a jumbled mess.

Like Dirk said, I think that they would turn the TV sound up and music down if it were requested. I have always found Peter and the El Alamo staff to be gracious and helpful to their customers and their requests.