View Full Version : Alternative / Artsy / Indie bars, clubs, or neighborhoods

Johann Donner
06-07-06, 02:38

I'm going to be in Argentina in the middle of June, and I was hoping you guys could point me in the direction of some bars / clubs for people who like indie music and dislike techno. I'm relatively young (26) and I'm really uncomfortable wearing nice clothes and buying expensive drinks for ladies in Gucci.

Thanks in advance, and I apologize for making such a lame / pathetic first post.

06-07-06, 13:26
Check out Plaza Serrano in Palermo Viejo (Honduras and Serrano) There are several pubs, restaurants, etc at that intersection and surrounding area. Palermo Viejo, in general, has a Bohemian atmosphere and a younger crowd. It's also a safe area to walk around. Good Luck

El Perro
06-07-06, 14:16
Definitely check out San Telmo. A little hairy off the beaten path at night, but I have had no problems. Alot of bohemians and hepcats.