View Full Version : Baseball Playoffs

09-29-06, 20:06
Who do you like to win it all?

El Perro
09-29-06, 21:09
The Bronx Bombers in 6 in a subway series, but I would hedge that with some money on the cinderella Twins.

09-29-06, 21:10
The 1935 Tigers against the Cubs. I think the Cubs should win it all. But sometimes, fortune and / or the gods of baseball behave strangely.

09-29-06, 22:19
Recent news reports show Charley Root coming down with a debilitating case of Dutch Elm disease. Also, the Tigers have a secret strategy, known only by the code name of "Shnooble."

09-30-06, 20:40
No, actually, I have a far better and more imaginative and cheaper way to view the playoffs, but thanks for your concern.