View Full Version : Does anyone know a good place for breakfast?

10-20-06, 08:49
I am just wondering if anyone knows of a good place for breakfast here in BA, I usually eat breakfast early and I haven't seen much open around where I live. Let me know if one of you guys knows of a good breakfast place that opens early 8-9 am.



10-20-06, 11:14
Buenos Aires is not a "breakfast" city if you want American/English/Dutch style breakfast. "Dos medialunas y un cafe" is about all the desayuno you'll get at most places.

Seeing an opportunity, our amigo Peter who owns El Alamo Restaurant, has just about the only American-style breakfast in town. Recommended.

10-20-06, 12:05
La Biela on Quintana at the cemetary had a breakfast when I lived in that neighborhood. It wasn't cheap then so I imagine it is even more now. Scrambled eggs, ham, toast, juice, coffee and a slice of pie. Most restaurants have a scrambled egg / ham combo; omelletes. Add toast and coffee and you are set.

Alamo has the best deal and they know crispy bacon.

10-20-06, 13:15
As of two years ago the Howard Johnson on Florida had a good breakfast buffet, including eggs made to order! As I was staying there I did not pay for it separately. I don't know how much it might cost if you just walk in off the street.


Coach 245
10-20-06, 14:44
BB, I can heartily recommend the breakfast menu at El Alamo. I have enjoyed their All American Breakfast and their Steak & Egg Breakfast. The meats were cooked properly along with the papa fritas and eggs to order. I would have enjoyed softer toast than they give you, but I'm not a big bread eater anyway. They used to give you coffee and fresh squeezed orange juice with your meal, but I noticed the last 2 times I stopped for breakfast that they were now using gallon jugs of prepared oj. I used to watch the ladies squeeze the juice while I ate my breakfast. It is a shame they have gone to the store bought juice. I think you will be pleased with the menu there. Many mongers slip thru there for breakfast during the morning.


10-20-06, 15:56
Thanks for the suggestions guys,

I think I will probably try all of them eventually though I must say El Alamo is the first on my list. I will check it out tomorrow for Breakfast, Though it's a shame they don't have pancakes, (I mean real pancakes, not those fucking european fruit filled crepes) So thanks again for all your help guys.


Daddy Rulz
10-23-06, 23:09
The Sunday brunch at the Palace is out of this world and priced accordingly.

10-23-06, 23:59
There are many Havanna cafe around. It is like the Starbucks of Argentina. Freshed squeezed orange juice and pastries, and sandwiches if you like. If you really need a quick meal and don't want to look to hard. Pretty clean place also.

10-24-06, 04:43
The daily breakfast buffet at the Alvear Palace Hotel, corner Alvear why Ayacucho, is the closest thing to an american full breakfast I've found so far in BA.

If you don't mind spending the 75p, it's a great breakfast.

Timber Man
10-29-06, 20:41
I come to Buenos Aires about 4 to 5 months a year. A nice quiet good breakfast is important to me. Happy service, good coffee and a cook who will deliver food the way I want it.

A good restaurant near the Palace is just one block away just down the hill on Ayachuco. It is hard to spend over 15 peso's. I do this about 3 times a week. It cannot be missed because it right across from the Palace livery office. The name is La Rambla. La Rambla has a famous steak sandwich.

The next restaurant is "Harvey's". One block from O'rleans bar. Harvey's is on San Martin just past the church. The breakfast crowd is thin, but the cook is superb. Note Harvey's is owned by a fellow monger. He speaks fluent german spainish and english. The owner rarely comes in before 10 am. The food is superb for breakfast and lunch. Prices are very very low. Harvey's is right next to a good health spa. So hit the health spa and then have a great breakfast. By the way Harvey's has great Vienna style apple strudel.

Harvey's has a good 5 pm crowd for cocktails. Where in BA can you find Wild turkey, Virginia gentlemen and a world class manhattan? This bar reminds me of the TV program "Cheers". People just come in and feel at home. Some days it has Porteno's, Brazilians, Finns, Swiss and a few Americans. There usually are lively discussions before mongering.

03-02-07, 14:42
Not american style breakfast but good nonetheless. I have been pretty busy getting stuff done at the new pad and I haven't been doing much cooking, so this morning I woke up and wanted somme good breakfast delivery. I looked into the guiaoleo again and found this place. They have different shops all over BA, they all open at 7 am and close between 11-12 pm, they deliver breakfast and lunch all day. They have a pretty extensive delivery menu, gourmet coffees, pastries, fruit shakes, tarts, brownies, croissants, panini, and some hot items as well. A pretty complete deli if you ask me. I ordered this morning, I had two fruit shakes, 2 croissants, 4 brownies, a strawberry tart and two paninis. Everythng tasted wonderful. My girlfriend and I had a pretty good brunch for about $50 pesos. A nice place to eat, and if you are feeling lazy in the morning, call them up and they will deliver breakfast to your door. Good quality deli food, not very expensive. I would use their services again and I would definitely recommend them.

Here is their website with a list of locations and a copy of the delivery menu.




03-20-12, 22:57
Anyone have any recent info? I've read that El Alamo no longer has breakfast. I'm in Recoleta, near the Recoleta Mall, and haven't found much on the breakfast front. A place with some great Argentine beef would be appreciated as well.

03-20-12, 23:12
Anyone have any recent info? I've read that El Alamo no longer has breakfast. I'm in Recoleta, near the Recoleta Mall, and haven't found much on the breakfast front. A place with some great Argentine beef would be appreciated as well.American Style Breakfast are SHIT down here!

Make it yourself at home if you can or you can go to the corner of Avenida de Mayo and 9 de Julio. (actually Lima but for all intents and purposes it's 9 de Julio)

The Ritz Hotel I think.

Now serving American Breakfast.

Dry eggs, almost raw bacon, sausage? , hash browns are almost good if you ask them to make them crispy.

Coffee, orange juice, tea.

Really stale toast with butter and jams.

$10. 00 dollars total.

I tried to explain it to them exactly how I wanted it cooked!

Runny eggs with cheese, scrambled, super crispy bacon, extra crispy hash browns, COLD orange juice, etc!

Fucked it all up!

Now for the REAL DEAL :

"La Cabrera" 5099 Cabrera in Palermo and "La Cabrera Norte" accross the street; the best steak house in BA for now.

There are other good ones but this is my favorite and I had one for 6 years.

It will take you a few days to get a reservation at times but worth the wait.

Look it up on Google.


P. S. A Denny's Grand Slam sounds great!

Gato Hunter
03-21-12, 01:31
The Sunday morning buffet is nothing but awesome. I do it once every trip. Last time it was 250P, all you can eat. Truffles, caviar, eggs to order, Moet, dessert etc. Its the best buffet I have found in six continents. I once took a madahos favorita chica there and she didn't believe such a thing was possible. You should smoke a big ass joint before you go in to get your value out of it.

La Biela can also make good eggs to order. But your paying for it. Sit outside and watch the ass on parade.