View Full Version : Bierhaus - Montevideo 973

10-20-06, 19:43
One of our resident posters suggested we try this restaurant today. If you're wanting wurst or spatzle, or an apple strudel, they are on the menu along with a number of simple German specialties. Just 8 tables, and inexpensive (knockwurst, kraut, and home made potato salad was 14 pesos).

They had Warsteiner beer, which is good considering the local favorite Quilmes may be the worst beer on the planet.

Nothing fancy, but my wurst were good, and my companion was pleased with the goulash and spatzle. When you get tired of Italian and / or beefsteaks, this may be a good choice.

Bierhaus is located at 973 Montevideo, cross street Marcelo T. De Alvear. 4812-0844