View Full Version : La Chacarita - Recoleta Restaurant Row, Junin at Vicente Lopez

10-23-06, 11:34
One of the old favorites of the board was El Parillon de Recoleta, which was located right next door to New Port Pub on Junin, a couple doors down from the corner of Vicente Lopez. Some months ago the old place was closed down and the building was razed.

Lo and behold, when I walked by on this trip, expecting to see yet another empty space on the formerly bustling Recoleta Restaurant Row, I see a phoenix arisen from the ashes, called La Chacarita. They built an entirely new restaurant from scratch. It's a steakhouse, with a pretty complete menu, albeit pricey in the Recoleta Restaurant Row tradition.

At my dining companion's suggestion I tried the t-bone, listed on the menu as Costillo de Lomo. (Note to the Spanish-deprived: No English translations on the menu.) If you forget those words, just tell them "t-bone," they know what it is.

I have to say that this 38 peso hunk of beef was the best steak I had in town on this trip. Outstanding in every way, almost 2 inches thick, and the great pairing of sirloin and filet that a proper t-bone will give you. I ordered it "jugoso," and I'll be damned if they didn't get it exactly right, which is a difficult thing to do with a thick steak. It's enough for two people, or maybe 1 and a half if you're hungry, and I gave away a big piece of mine. I didn't eat much else here, though if the rest of the menu is as good as this one, you will probably not be disappointed.

An interesting note: even though El Parillon de Recoleta was closed down for like 9 months, many of the staff in the new place used to work at the old one. An interesting fact. And this is not a bad thing for regular diners, as more than one employee greeted my dining companion by name when we arrived, and were very solicitous and attentive waiting on us.

04-22-08, 17:58
Some 10 days ago, I had a lamb rack, mostly the tenderloin part they cut it exactly how I wanted it (huge portion) and I had to try the beef kidney as an appetiser with wine. Very high quality of meat. Exellent service, with a bottle ofwine paid about 110p. You want quality? This place got it.