View Full Version : Awards 2006

Flexible Horn
11-14-06, 20:31
Whether its a mongers 1st time or 20th time in BsAs, there are things to learn from the forum.

I was thinking that we could steep some praise on some of our posters, we could have;

Best poster of the year.

Best picture of the year.

Most informative food critic.

And maybe 1 (we use this phrase here in London) Gob shite of the year, you know the type full of themselves with little or no respect for others opinions.

Please fill free to add some more topics of awards.


11-14-06, 20:36
Most sarcastic and useless poster?

I nominate myself, of course.

11-14-06, 21:07
Okay FH, start a poll.

Jaimito Cartero
11-15-06, 15:10
Please fill free to add some more topics of awards.Biggest asshole of the year? There would be so much competition for this award, or perhaps we should name it after Exon's favorite word, and call it the Cocksucker award. :)