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Master J
12-02-06, 05:30
This was the third year for Thansgiving I have traveled here, (total now 8) and each time it brings new experiences. I hit the pavement running!

First stop after landing was with a masajista I had scouted on the Baires Girls foro. I arrived at 12:00 or so and was greeted by a adorable, shapely, neuben with a million dollar smile and great teeth (I immediately increased to two hours) First good sign / surprise was the french kiss and long hug. Great beginning, small chit chat, undress and I am the table. I am a massage connoisseur so I would say it was pleasant and comforting. The surprise was the anticipation. Every couple of minutes or so she is coming by and brushing my ear and we are delivering lover kisses ever so gently. I am now more optimistic, but still expecting the relax happy ending. After 15 or so, I am saying I love you en serio, she then says it is hot in here and removes the shirt to show a perfect set of cute perky breasts, nicely full, a handful, champagne glasses. So I am rolling now. More this that laughter, kisses, then what the bottom comes off. I read the board every day and for my 160P for the two hours I am thrilled. No mention of anything xtra. Now this young tender part brazillian, 6 month new to the game, somehow decides to cover and mount on the table, with a passioned brow and juices flowing. Making too much noice so she moves me to the small chair and moves slowly and I will say the word passionately with a little oh Papi, Dale thrown in. So I finish and she is checking to see if I liked it. Yada Yada. She is then mine for the next 4 of 5 nights in my Palermo digs. I am sure I will chastised for 300P for my 2 - 2 1/2 hour sessions but it was showers, pillow talk, and a recently rediscovered art of finger F*%#ing. She loved to lay in bed and diddle herself while I either munched, rediddled or entered! It is a lost art I think! And what is the code for that ffkg? I had her a variety of way, had better, but it is like the nurse or mild girl at school who says she's always hot! I love this place.

So after my first encounter I now have a 4:30 with a very famous Platynum diosa who asked specifically not to be mentioned. Her phone rings off the hook all the time I was there, so she don't need more biz. So I am on esmeralda and open the door and am greeted by a 5"9 beauty, green eyes and now the game changes. Within 3 minutes of pay for play, I am eaten up alive! She is not just washing, she is juggling the stones I swear. Sit on my face with a delicious shaved thing, and I am in heaven. The feet are manicured, the hair is flowing and for the next 40 minutes I am wayyyyyyy over the boundaries and she is coool with everything. Pleasant and willling to please, how USA of her. 9.5 if not better. Great free spirit.

Last play of the 5 day hit was a vistit up to Belgrano, and I have great respect for the be Boy, but I get there and the three I hear so much about are alll busy but will be finishing up in 20. There was one there and about a 6.

So I go get a Fanta, and it hits me that all three will have dick breath and stretched to say the least. Now that's me, I don't know if anyone else even thinks that way. So I go for the solo and we pay we strip, I am in a room that I swear reminds me of a mexican border town 20 years ago, and don't you hate it when the minute they put it near their mouth, they start moaning! I hate that! I now see a loser, I basically jerk off in her mouth, recptacle, and after I shoot, I dress and leave to her dismay.

So quality, not quantity was my play, perhaps I overkilled, but I always knew what I was going to get, so I was happy. I will post in much shorted terms clubs, restautants, dancing, and massages. A- final trip report

12-11-06, 01:01
Well. The food at you know where tasted cold and dried! The price went from 35 to 50 pesos at the door. Don't think I will do the E again. Oh yea forgot about the xtra cost for the soft drinks!