View Full Version : Marcelo & where not to go

12-17-06, 21:47
This was by far the best Italian food I had last week. I think I hit more then 5 spots in Puerto Madera but this place stuck out heads and tails above all the rest. Piegari, Sottovoce, II Gran & 1 more)

I happen to have enjoyed La Mistral at the Four Seasons and 1 night the chef prepared rack of lamb with mashed potatos that was out of this world. The potatos that is. I still think Cabanas has the best rack in town. I don't venture far from my hunting grounds as most can see. I keep it simple. If I can walk there I will eat there.

My last night was wasted at Spettus Steak House. Avoid this place like the plague. There is nothing worse then spending your last night in B. A. at a shithole. (Rodizio would not seat a table for 1)



I very much enjoyed Broccolinos.