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Member #1036
02-20-07, 13:07
My doctora took me out the where the Japanese Gardens is and there is a restaurant there that is not bad for BA.

I ordered a bunch of food as I wanted to taste everything. I ordered Gyoza appetizers and they were delicious. Miso soup was just like Mom made. Ordered a plate of chicken teriyaki and doc loved it. To me it was ok. Ordered a sushi-sashimi combo and the salmon was ok and seemed fresh but the white fish sucked big time. But not bad overall. Then ordered a combo tempura plate and it came with shrimp and veggies. Not bad also but not great. Finished off with deep fried ice cream and doc ordered and loved the deep fried banana.

All this food and it only cost me 150 pesos. The atmosphere is fantastic as you look out over the japanese gardens. Very romantic and would return and recommend.

Big Bob 7
02-20-07, 21:49
I ate at this place today and the sushi here is fabulous. The salmon is fresh and the rolls are superb. They are open for lunch and dinner. There is none of that cream cheese bullshit in the roll and they add a little sprinkle of sesame seeds to the rice that adds a lot. Also the rice is not too vinegary. I hate it when the put too much vinegar in the rice of the nigiri because then I have to eat every one with a little peice of ginger to cut that vinegar taste instead of using it just to cleanse the palette in between rolls. It cost me about 75 pesos today for lunch with no drinks and no dessert so it isn't cheap but it is not exactly expensive either. Be careful though because they tried to charge me for 2 cubiertos even though I was dining alone. When I complained about it the waiter said that he was sorry and then returned with the incorrect change. I had decided to give him a 7 peso tip before he returned so I was just going to deduct the 5 pesos from his tip but when he saw me staring at the change he pulled the five out of his pocket and was apologizing all over the place as if he had "accidentally" not remembered to return my change. Yeah, right! This is Argentina, What can you do?

Big Bob 7
03-06-07, 19:08
I ate here today. Nice atmosphere. They have a sushi bar and you can watch your food being prepared. The only thing is that the food here is a mix of traditional Japonese and Japonese fusion. They put cream cheese in a lot of their rolls which is something that I usually don't like. I have to admit that at this place it really worked. I had smoked salmon, avocado, and cream cheese wrapped in fried calamari. It was excellent but probably the health effects of the Japanese influence were negated by the fat in the cream cheese and the calamari. I also had salmon niguiri and the salmon was fresh and of good quality and a vegetable stir fry that was really amazing. The waitress was nice and attentive and the best part was when she brought the check and it was only 66 pesos. So far this is the cheapest quality Japanese meal that I have had in BA.