View Full Version : Sorrento: La Recova Recoleta

02-22-07, 02:44
Had a pretty busy day today,

I finally got some free time and I wanted to try something new, I hit La Recova and decided to try Sorrento, I have heard some good things about it, and since I love Italian I decided to give it a try. I was not disapointed. I went with two guests, for starters we shared the chicken salad, which was the best part of the meal, spinach, chunks of fresh mozzarella baby cherry tomatoes and sauted chicken slices in a yummy sauce. As an entree I had the squid ink raviolis which were stuffed with what tasted like salmon, not quite sure, but they were very delicious and well made. My guest had the Paella, not sure which one, but it had Rabbit, chicken and some other stuff, I tryed it and I didn't like it, some of the meat still retained that meat taste and the rice had a tap water taste that was unpleasant, not their strong point these paellas. My other guest had the chicken which was also well prepared. For dessert, I had the creme brulle, which was very good, though it's kinda hard to fuck that up. My guests had the tiramisu and the chocolate volcano, both looked very good. Total for the meal was 180 AR. Good price for a good meal. I think their pasta dishes and fish dishes are their specialties, so I would stick with those, I don't know about their meat dishes as I didn't try them but I know that the paella wasn't up to par. Good food and a nice place to try and not that expensive at 20 US a head for drinks, starter, entree and dessert.


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