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03-02-07, 12:12
Was in the mood for Japanese the other day, and it just so happened to be raining. I decided to stay in and order out. I logged onto guiaoleo. Com and found this place Mikado. The locals seemed to give it good reviews so I said what the hell. I have also been to a Mikado restaurant in LA and it was pretty good. Anyway, I ordered a california roll, some stir fried rice, a stir fried beef and veggie thing and a volcano dessert (basically chocolate souffle) I also had a salad. The only thing that bummed me out was the fact that they didn't deliver miso soup WTF? Now I am not an expert in Japanese cuisine, but I know what tastes good. The salad was very good, the dressing was very good. The california roll (while being pretty hard to fuck up) was good also, there was no black on the avocado (a problem in many japanese restaurants in Cali) and it tasted very fresh. The only fucked up thing is they didn't give me any teriyaki sauce, they had some soy sauce but it just wasn't the same, I had to pull out my own kikoman teriyaki. The stir fried rice was ok, nothing special, actually kinda bland, no green onions WTF? Basically rice and chicken. The stir fried beef and veggies was also pretty bland, not too much flavor to it. The dessert was just aight, I have had much much better souffles. The total for the meal including a few drink came out to $89 pesos.

I have to be honest here, the food wasn't bad, the sushi and the salad were good but all the cooked stuff was very bland. I would suggest if anyone goes there stick to the sushi bar and salads, because their hot items were just not up to snuff. I am in search of a good japanese restaurant because it seems like Argie girls really like japanese.

I have heard of this place called Osaka, if anyone has been and has any comments regarding the quality please let me know.