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Wayne Will
03-21-07, 00:59
I had Roxanna set up an appointment with Priscilla. Here is her link http://www.platynum.com.ar/Entretenimiento/Escorts/Priscilla/Priscilla1.htm

She is petite and short (5' 3" - which I like) and much better looking than her pictures. I don't think she provides anal but that was not an issue for me. She was very much the GFE. I liked her enough to see her twice last week. She speaks very little english and I speak very little Spanish but we were still able to communicate and have a enjoyable time together. I've also included a picture of her so you can compare it with her internet photos.

03-21-07, 01:50

Thanks for the pic Wayne, great taste in women might I add. The girl looks good. Could I trouble you about the specifics of your XP, did she do bbbj or just cbj? What were her rates?

Thanks in advance.


Wayne Will
03-21-07, 02:16
$200 for the hour. She lives very close to where I was staying on Baez because she said it took her like 5 minutes to get there. You also stayed there at Barts. So taxi fair was very low. First time I saw her she did BBBJ. The second time it was covered. I don't know why? The second time I saw her she was suppose to bring a second girl named Danella but Danella could not make it. I was very disapointed but I didn't make it an issue because I liked her. She was a little quiet but that's because she speaks very little english and I very little spanish. All the usual positions, doggy, missionary cow girl were good. Again, when I saw her in person I thought she is much better than her platynum pictures. Some girls are like that (Ayi for example) She is very petite with a nice figure and nice (fake) tits.

03-21-07, 14:28
That's Alexa from Roxanna's recommendation list. Looks like she's back to a brunette now with newly enhanced boobs.

03-21-07, 14:51
It brings wonderful benefits to us all, even mongers.

Geo Eye
03-21-07, 14:56
Hey Wayne Will,

Good recommendation. Right up my alley.

Just for the hell of it I will call her and offer 150 pesos. See if she takes.

Takes it.

Wayne Will
03-21-07, 20:58
Yes she is alexa. I should have looked under her other name to post my XP. I thought I asked for anal and she said no or maybe I never asked. I can't remember. Either way I am now a little disapointed that I did not get that from her.

Wayne Will
03-21-07, 21:14
Now that I think back, I remember seeing the post for Alexa and I saw she was a blonde and thought I was dealing with a different girl. It was not until today that I realized that Priscilla and Alexa are the same girl. So I am more disapointed there was no cola! But I can't remember if I asked for it or not. If I asked and she turned me down, my review of her has to go down. If I didn't ask and she didn't offer, well I guess that is not good either.

Wayne Will
03-22-07, 00:32
I looked at my notes and she did turn me down for anal, so my review has been downgraded.

El Nica
03-22-07, 01:38
Alexa / Priscilla charges $150 AR according to the Argentinian local boards. If you guys keep paying $200 AR this becomes the new price. Please let's not do that.

Happy Trails!

Geo Eye
03-22-07, 11:46
Alexa / Priscilla charges $150 AR according to the Argentinian local boards. If you guys keep paying $200 AR this becomes the new price. Please let's not do that.

Happy Trails!I totally agree. She charges 150 peso. Not 200, please do not jump on.

The first price of 200, they will take advantage of you if you let them.

You can call the girl direct and have one of the locals guys call for you if you.

Do not speak spanish. Why pay extra, even if you can, it is a matter of.