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Rubiks Cube
05-15-07, 02:53
Before everyone flames me I know that you can eat fabulous meals in Buenos Aires for several pesos cheaper than the restaurants below. I just want to share some of my experiences with the rest of the board so that they can have a full picture.

I am always surprised that there is never any mention of Cabana Las Lillas in this forum. While admittedly it is pricier then most steakhouses in Buenos Aires there is no question that the food is great and that this is the most popular steakhouse for tourists with money. They start you out with these breadballs that are slightly undercooked and doughy delicious. The Ojo De Bife (ribeye) is in my humble opinion among the best I have ever had in the world. The service is superb and the wine list is also great. If you are coming to Buneos Aires I think this place is a must visit. Average cost per person is probably going to be about 150p. Yes you can get cheaper many places and I am sure those who live in Buenos AIres have had better meals. I will tell you that I am constantly amazed with how good the food and service are at this place and can't come to BA without eating here frequently.

Bice is in my opinion one of the top italian restaurants in Buenos Aires. Like Cabana Las Lillas Bice is in porto Modero and is a great meal. Bice is a small chain that actually has a handful of locations in the United States. Unlike the United States the food and service here is superb. The pasta is incredible and while not cheap for U. S. Standards it is still very reasonable. Meal, appetizer, & wine will probably run about 100-130 pesos but it is a very nice restaurant and unlike Cabana there never seems to be a problem getting a table.

Hope someone finds this useful.

Tran Kilo
05-15-07, 03:44
[.] Cabana Las Lillas in this forum. [.] ojo de bife [.] Ate there last night. Expensive, but worth it. No question. We had a good group and the ojo de bife with some pure de papas and a few sweet breads as apps. Good god it's great beef.

Wine recommendations: A Lisa (Rio Negro) at 125p it's a bargain and the Alta Vista Gran Reserve (120p) are perhaps the best values on the enormous and sometimes intimidating list.

Go there. And go to other parrillas just so you know and experience the difference.

Jaimito Cartero
05-15-07, 05:55
I am always surprised that there is never any mention of Cabana Las Lillas in this forum. Never any mention? I think you need to do a search. I've reported on it, and I know others have as well. I find it overpriced, there is much better value in other places in BA.

05-15-07, 10:13
You really need to read the archives. There are tons of better restaurants that have been reviewed here. Even if you limit your search to my handle you'll find at least 20 ideas for good upscale places to eat. In fact, the appeal of good food in Buenos Aires draws me back as strongly as the pussy does; frankly I can get better women elsewhere (St. Petersburg springs to mind) but the food in those places simply can't compare.

Hotman 666
05-15-07, 11:01
I agree that Cabana Las Lillas is not cheap but the food is certainly very good by any international standard.

Compared with similar quality places in Europe or USA the price is more than reasonable.

It is also impressive if you are entertaining (I have taken customers and chicas there on many occasions.

When I was there for Sunday lunch last year my companion whispered to me that sitting at the next table to us were former president Menem's wife and daughter together with her young baby, a nanny and a rather large bodyguard!

My companion was very impressed!

Yes I agree that you can eat excellent food at a much lower price at other places in Bs As but if you want somewhere that is recognised as a top quality place by all portenos then go to Cabana Las Lillas.

I don't think you will be disappointed!



El Aleman
05-16-07, 10:39
I only can repeat what Hunt mentioned - search. I remember just 4 places I myself reported abotut, that's besides Cabaña Las Lilas La Canaña, Sinclair, Piegari's, and there have been a few more.

Of course, the question is what you consider a "high end" restaurant: One where you get great food, or one that is just expensive and you are seen by the "right people", e. g. rich and famous and wannabes. I have often been amazed about the mediocre taste in food these people sometimes have, and select the places I go according to how I like the food, wine and service.

In alteration to one of Hunt's laws: It's MY tongue that needs to be pleased.

2 centavos de.

El Alemán.

Who is presently in Bs. As.