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Hobby Fan
05-30-07, 10:33
Mama Europa is a very good Jewish food restaurant located at Matienzo 1599 in Las Caņitas, on the corner of Migueletes. 4772-0926.

The very attentive owner is an Argentine fellow (presumably Jewish, he spoke some Yiddish) who lived in New York for 10 years and speaks flawless English.

Gifilte Fish: outstanding, per two visiting East Coast deli aficianados. I thought it was great.

Pastrami "sandwich": 1.5 pounds of very lean homemade pastrami on a platter. Three of us ate full sandwiches from it, using the bread (and bagels) provided at the table. Per happy New Yorker living in Bs. As. For three years: "Best pastrami in Buenos Aires." In my opinion: "Best pastrami ever" as I don't like fatty versions. At 31 Pesos it is an expensive "sandwich" or a relatively cheap main course for two or three to share, depending on how you look at it. They do serve half portions if you ask; we did not ask the price.

Chicken moroccan style (with honey, prunes and sesame seeds): good, but I was already full from "helping" with the Pastrami.

Chopped liver plate: very good per the others, I left that alone as I don't like liver.

Note: this is a restaurant suitable for dinner, nicely appointed if not elegant, and located at the location of the former "Big Mamma" deli discussed on this board. I am starting a new thread as Big Mamma was apparently just a deli and because of the name difference.

Miami Bob
05-30-07, 19:12
THIS PLACE WAS A PLEASANT SURPRISE. The owner is part of the dinning experience. You don't have to be jewish, to love this place. The pastrami sandwhich, described above,

Does not compare with a good stateside jewish deli, but.

It was very lean and tasty and thisd is Bs As, not Brooklyn.

I will return to sample more of the menu.


06-01-07, 02:20
Do they have bagels?

Hobby Fan
06-02-07, 10:07
Moore: There were homemade fresh bagels in the breadbasket, plus other bread options. MB: I'd rather go to Mama Europa than to a good stateside deli, but to me the "lean" factor is critical. In any event, its a good option.

06-02-07, 10:36
"Lean Pastrami"? WTF? An oxymoron!

The next thing you know, you'll be telling me about how you want to hire an "ethical lawyer" to represent you against some thieving insurance company.

06-02-07, 11:34

I had been salivating ever since I heard the term Pastrami Sandwich. I love those things and it has been a while since I had one. So I just had to give this place a try. Went in the morning yesterday around 10 AM, they told me they don't except US bills of 100. So I went to the bank Galicia around the corner and made change. The parking was easy, the neighborhood is great and about 3 blocks from my house.

I went in and was greeted by some nice lady who gave us the menu options and her recomendations. The first thing I saw on the menu was Borscht. The first thing I asked was of course " do you make the Green one or the Red one " She looked at me incredulously and asked how I knew about the green one as if it was some big secret. I told her I was from Ukraine and she replied that she was also and half the staff was as well and that the owners were Russian Jews. Very interesting and a very nice vibe so far.

She told me the Borscht was good but it wouldn't be my grandmas Borscht, but I should like it. She also said Veriniki yest, shaslik yest, kartoshka yest. Sounding good so far. I was also told that the smetana is made in house as is the kefir. For all the fans. This is very good news.

I really wanted to try the veriniki and the shashlik but I came with one thought on my mind, Pastrami. So I ordered the Borscht and the Pastrami and my associate had the bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon.

The soup was ok, I won't lie, it was nothing like an authentic Borscht that comes originally from Ukraine. The original Borscht has Beets, Onions Cabbage, tomato, beef, potato and some garlic. And this left something to be desired as it was sweet and too much beets and not enough of anything else. But as she said, we are in Argentina after all. It was good but thats it.

The pastrami was nice, it came with pickles and some honey mustard, it wasn't the usual wet pastrami I have had before and the pastrami flavor was somewhat light, but still good nonetheless. I finished the entire 450 gram sandwich, so I have to say I enjoyed it. It came with a side of cole slaw that was also good.

I was also told that the Bagel was very good, though for the cream cheese lovers, you should ask for cream cheese on the side. If you find what they put on it isn't enough.

For dessert I had the Kefir Apricot dessert, very good and very eastern european and my friend had the Bittersweet chocolate tort. VERY GOOD.

In total we paid about $90 pesos and had a very good lunch. This place obvioulsy has alot of jewish influence but enough Russian dishes for me to want to come back and sample their Slavic flavors.

Over all I thought this place was a winner, clean good looking place located in a nice posh neighborhood a block away from Libertador. Very friendly attentive and knowledgable waitstaff. And good Jewish Eastern European food.

Everything was good, but I would not consider the Borscht authentic.

Here is the website, I am told they deliver if you are staying within a 4-5 block radius. Check out the menu I am sure there is something for everyone.


El Perro
07-31-07, 20:04
Had a late lunch here today. I guess my expectations were high because I was a little underwhelmed. Not bad, but as Miami Bob noted, not a stateside deli. I had the pastrami sandwich with cole slaw. Groovy pickle included. If I lived in the area I would probably go in a few times. Not much atmosphere, but it was in the middle of a dead afternoon. TALL blonde waitress, while not a great looker, was pretty sexy. Take note Mr. Straylight.

07-31-07, 23:29
TALL blonde waitress, while not a great looker, was pretty sexy. Take note Mr. Straylight.Noted. (Did she look like a committed face-sitter, by any chance? Someone, perhaps, who could take page out of Emma Peel's play book?)

El Perro
07-31-07, 23:45
Noted. (Did she look like a committed face-sitter, by any chance? Someone, perhaps, who could take page out of Emma Peel's play book?Actually, she did have that look. Unfortunately for me, after a smile upon approaching, she appeared to lose any interest she may have had upon encountering my fractured, pathetic castellano. I imagine any further hope was lost as I pulled out my reading glasses and dived into a month and a half old "New Yorker". My loss, but could be somebody else's gain. Like I say, not a bonafide looker, but tall, sexy, confident and had that "stride".

08-01-07, 00:07
. I imagine any further hope was lost as I pulled out my reading glasses and dived into a month and a half old "New Yorker".LOL! When she saw the reading glasses and old "New Yorker" she probably thought, "Oh...Straylight. I've heard all about that asshole."

El Perro
08-01-07, 00:29
LOL! When she saw the reading glasses and old "New Yorker" she probably thought, "Oh. Straylight. I've heard all about that asshole."Ha! Well, confusion is good for a chica like that. No sense in having them sit on your face unless you have some "handle" to wield afterwards. BTW, in order to stay on subject, the 59 colectivo will take you to within a few blocks of Mama's. One can indulge the pastrami jones, and then hop back on the 59 for Barrio Norte.

12-14-07, 15:11
Hey Hobby Fan,

Actually the sandwich price rose to $33 (inflation is working its way in Argentina! And a half pastrami on rye with 225 grams (which is roughly 8 ounces of very, very lean pastrami) costs $17.

Last time at Mama Europa we shared a great roast beef sandwich and a gorgeous leberwurst on rye with fried onions.

Great value for your money (both sandwiches for $44)

Phu Bai
12-14-07, 17:30
Used to hit this place after gym. Menu was somewhat limited. When I asked about items now listed on the website the reply was vague and somewhat lame. (Chopped liver, tongue etc) Maybe in response to my rat tourista countenance and strange little companion. Had a fairly good wurst. No agri dulce in BA? Remi gave them a little sideways p zero effluvia from prancer upon our best redneck retrench and skeedattle.