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Flexible Horn
06-23-07, 18:17
only the Americans speak English anyway, no need.

ExonExon my old mate as I have explained to you, Punter, Daddy and many more Americans you DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH!

Not my English

06-23-07, 19:25
Flexible Horn,

I think it was said by Goerge C. Scott in the movie "Patton", the English People & the American People are two common people separted by a "Common Language", destined to rule the world.

Now that being said, theres are two types of English spoken on your little Island. The "Kings" English, (in this case the Queens) which is perfectly exceptable, and that "Cockney" bull shit you speak which no MotherFucker in the world could ever understand, even with a PHD in English. It seems to be some type of "Code" you use to slaughter the English language.

Why is it that you have no trouble understanding me and half the time I don't have a fucking clue what your saying?

Moving right along, Miss You, wish you where here, You still have an invite to my house and hope to see you on your next trip to Argentina.


06-23-07, 19:56
Exon, I believe your quote is from George Bernard Shaw, the Irish playwright. And, there are many abominations of the English language in the homeland itself: try watching Trainspotting without the subtitles, or sample some fine "oop north" usage in movies like The Full Monty. So, the use of language in Americky may well be horrendous, but we Brits have no leg to stand on.

06-23-07, 22:13
Exon my old mate as I have explained to you, Punter, Daddy and many more Americans you DO NOT SPEAK ENGLISH!

Not my EnglishHe certainly doesn't spell your English.

08-17-07, 23:45
Are native Spanish speakers able to tell the difference?

When I was in Central America, this one chica was asking me where I'm from. She couldn't tell from my accent. I could have been from England, Canada or the US and she would have believed me.

But when I mentioned every hispanic nationality known to man she realized it is the USA.

08-18-07, 08:29
Everyone knows that the best English is spoken in Scotland.

Just ask any woman what they think of Sean Connery's accent!

Exon - the phrase you attribute to George C Scott is also attributed by other people to Winston Churchill.

10-08-07, 10:51
Basicly in the states you've got these snooty accents from Boston and Washington that polititans and Havard graduates talk kind of like this guy when he was interviewing George Galloway:


Then you got your remainder regular run off the mill white yanks on Jerry Springer where you get the 40 stone lard arse white trash going on how...

"but yuh sistas moma fucked ma cousin's aaahhnties boifriends cousins nazzi cousins direct transvestite cousin in the baarn next door whaahlst ahh was tryaain too concentraate on wathcin ol' jerry springer, on muh TV in muy trailer instead of listenin to yer trash man, know what I mean, ah mean not just that but you almost made me choke on mah classic Tex-Mex chipotle dish made of mah quaker granma's recipe of Cheese, fish, pork, steak and ham when you asked why he/she had 2 penises instead of 3? Hey Jerry, they're some maaiity faaaiiiine pair of paaaints yer wearin, yoo married?

Then you have that sharper then two cookies cowboy accent for Texas which is kind of our equivalent of the North Welsh or Somerset, making people sound really intelligent.

Then you get your american cultural ambassador hip hop gangsta felas goin:

"Hey hey yo yo whassup no digiity I mean yoooo mothafucka...no digiity uh huh, I mean i was raaiden my tinted windows range rover with fo' hoes in the back seat, on the way to play at the MTV music awards at the Met in 'Nu Yoke' know what I mean? (no) an this ***** ass nigga goes to me, he you invaden mah territory mothafuck so i smoked his mothafuckin nigga ass, damn right! uh huuh! yo, know what ah mean?" (no) Everyday I wake up I remember Tupac you know, he's God, know what I mean?"

and that's about it,

Oh I forgot one, you also get a cross between poor trailer trash and educated white in LA because mommy and daddy sent them to private school so they could come out with sophisticated phrases like.

"Oh my gaaahd, those 1000 dollar shoes we saw on Melrose Avenue are like totaly soooo whatever, know what I mean?
-"yah, like totaly they're like eeeeeeewwww, go with the 3000 dahller ones from Santa Monica n put them on daddies (porn) company card"

Also the chicanos:

"Oye pana, don't you know I'm loco? don't you go messin with my familia"

Whilst the brits, neatly stated by Exon (mmmm which catagory of yank, texas cowboy?);), have only the Queens English and the Cockney slang.

Brilliantly exemplified by this geezer here:


Personally I find that putting on a geordie / Newcastle accent works well whilst 'yamuyado'(such a great word) the no pro ladies in BA;)