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08-21-07, 13:18
Finally I came back in Buenos Aires! And fortunately I had to stay a few days so after working I went to relax with a few ladies.

The first one I met is Fabiana. I saw her on Platynum and as I like big boobs I went to know her.

The photos are real! She is exactly as you see her on the site: a beautiful face, a great body and those fantastic lolas!

She is a great lover. She makes everything possible to feel you like a king. She began with wonderful kisses, mimitos, and then with one of the most exciting BBBJ I ever had in my life. Afterwards it was my turn: she asked me to give her an oral service! And as she came out from the shower when I went to her apartment, I didn't refuse! It was fantastic: one of the sweatest conchitas I ever tried. We then had sex in various positions till an explosion of pleasure.

I really recommend her

08-21-07, 14:17
How mcuh did you pay?

08-21-07, 16:18
She asked me 250 pesos but then we agreed for 200. I don't know if it's not the correct price now in Buenos Aires, but I found it onest. What do you think about? It's too much?


08-21-07, 16:50
Thanks for the report Patrick,

The important thing is that you had a great time. And at 200 pesos, if you overpaid it was by very little. After looking at the girls pictures on Platynum, I would say she is a 150-200 peso chica. Those are some big tits, so for the fetish guys, I am sure 200 pesos or 65 dollars is very worth it.


PS, I have learned that since these girls seems to change their names on the websites so frequently to duck bad reviews, or whatever, that attaching a website photo of the girl can go a long way to making your review relevant for the long term.

Thanks again.

08-22-07, 13:43
Thank you for the infos Bad. I really had a great time and I think I will repeat the experience.