View Full Version : Redondo's Greatest Hits

06-24-08, 18:55
From 29/10/07 to 16/4/08, he regaled us with his wisdom and wit. We will miss him! Here are some of his best gems:

"if you are planning to stay atleast 5 years and you want to own your own place it's probally a good idea to buy something."

"many properties in Spain are foreign owned with a small or no mortage."

"With 100 to 150 peso a day you can still have a pretty good life in BA and quality of life is pretty high."

"It's sucks to go with a car to capital and if you do you should go outside rush hours, but it sucks as well to have a car in Capital, so not a lot difference there"

"2011 is just a short time and if the world keep on favoring Argentina with high prices there will be little problems"

"Sunday's edition of La Nacion (Argentininian newspaper) has a chapter of about 20 pages with all the information of countries (gated communities) in greater BA you could possibly want"

"I for one think that it could be a good investment to buy an appartment in zona norte."

"I do think by the way that sports and politics shouldn't be mixed"

"What do you expect if you walk around in Once, Plaza Misiere, constitucion, etc at night?"

"You can rent bikes every weekend."

"Paying with the 100 bills saves you with the hassle to pay with 100 peso bill."

"I don't really consider it to be a hassle to go to a ATM sometimes."

"The fact remains that Saddam attacked Iran, Kowait, Saudi Arabia and Israel. That he used musterd gas against his people, that millions of people were killed by him, that millions more were displaced, that he wanted an atomic bomb and that he supported terrorism."

"I have been to over 100 games in Argentina, work in soccer, been to atleast 15 stadiums in Argentina."

"25-35k appartemtents are not that hard to sell, but they would be if there is another crisis."

"I for one try to sit in the middle, as it's the safest place to be in case of a head on crash, but in the case you probally would have been death."

"I don't have a property, a car or insurance in Argentina, don't have income in Argentina and don't pay my taxes in Argentina."

"How do you calculate world income?"

"Dad = 2500 peso."

"But I am happy that you agree with me that the situation in the early half of the 70's was brilliant. No random killings, no terrorism, everybody was living the happy life like in a fairytale."

"I know both answer, let's see if you have a clue."

"Is going by airplane actually faster then by bus?"

"If you go to Uruguay with Buquebus you need to do the following. 1: Buy a ticket."

"Date a white girl from Zona norte."

"I could off ourse come up with some articles but let me just say that you must be superiour to me because you live in Germany."

"You must be pretty desperate for sex then."

"What the fuck"

"I need to have around 15.000 dollar within a few day. I do have a master card and a ATM card but with that card I can only pick up 700 dollar a day. What is the best way to get it quick?"

"If American companies are still hiring, how can there be a recession?"

"I once had 500 peso in small change in my home. When I go home I pay everything with coins. It's fun, it makes everybody happy."

"Eastern Europe, Latin America are booming at the moment, that just doesn't go away in one day."

"There is a big increase in demand for biofuels, which have to be produced in part in Argentina."

"They tend to go down at some point and if they do, Argentina will be fucked."

"Like everywhere in the world, woman are counted most for the care of offspring"