View Full Version : Is it so bad?

07-01-08, 12:16
I heard from many people that economical situation in Argentina is really terrible. That people are working for 50% salary per month and haven't got any possibilities for going abroad.

Is it so bad? Or may be, it's "bull shirt".

I'm planning to visit this country in a few month need an advice.

Daddy Rulz
07-01-08, 16:27
All the beludos go to Europe and the girls stay home. I remember back in 2002-2004 going out to dinner and there would be table after table of 20-30 year old girls having dinner with no boys because so many had gone to Europe.

07-01-08, 16:49
For people with Jewish roots it's also easy to go to Israel. Right now there are living about 80.000 to 100.000 Argentines in IsraelPeter,

Where will the people with German roots go? Germany? And the people with Italian roots? Italy?

I gots to know.

07-01-08, 17:14
Those are some good answers!