View Full Version : Spies Amongst Us!

07-04-08, 21:33
Some cocksucker, (and at this moment it is most appropriate to use this word) either has shown this site to a local girl or he has divulged the information contained here!

I have been ¨found out ¨. This is HIGH TREASON!

He should be shot and hung from the tallest Privado!

Our secrets are out!

Be careful with what you post because it may come back to haunt you.

I have lucked out as I have not posted anything negative about any of the chicas.

Just remember that even a blind chica can pull up the site and translate it with that idiot translator!

Really poor translations but the chicas will still get the message loud and clear.

Take Care

07-05-08, 03:43
That seems to eventually happen on all the sites I have ever been on.

This stupid fuckers must think they will get something extra for divulging deep dark secrets to the chica. They WILL LOSE not gain!


07-06-08, 21:24
It would make sense to qualify users. Yes? How to do this is something I need help with and each board-member should give thought.


Washington, DC