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11-03-08, 23:19
This was a fantastic find for me on the way to Sabot. This Beer bar / store carries the Creme de la creme of Craft beers in Argentina. It is located by the corner of Reconquista. Phone # 4311-2992 Hours from 11:30 AM-1 AM. Sometimes later on Friday / Saturday? Went there 3 times. Found a very interesting diverse crowd of locals, along with some cuties from the San Francisco California area.

Met Pablo and Maria there. Pablo owns the place. Maria rides shotgun around later at night. Full command of the English language. They were very eager to speak about American cities and world travels. Had a complete array of some local products that I had during the 2 weeks I was in town, along with a special one.

Beers observed:

Cardos Porter- 8 % alcohol 14 Pesos.

Gulmen Barleywine - 12 % alcohol 18 Pesos.

Antares 10 Year Anniversary Ale- 10 % alcohol 25 Pesos- but 500 ml.

So good, that I had Pablo bubble wrap one for export. I will cellar it for about 2 years, and see how it comes out.

A fantastic place to shoot the shit with some locals / visitors who enjoy the emerging beer scene in Argentina.

That Quilmes / Brahma / Stella shit has to go.


Best Regards.


11-04-08, 21:53
That Quilmes / Brahma / Stella shit has to go.

SmulerA man after my own heart! Here you will find a couple of excellent articles on Argentine micro breweries.

Nothing like an evening out with sweet smelling pussy and some good beer!


11-04-08, 23:07
Aqualung. You really have to check this place out.

You can buy beer to go, or for a nominal fee, they will crack open a cold one for you.

They really care about the emerging craft brew scene in BA, and it shows.

Friendly people, plus chicas that appreciate a good brewskie.

Life can be bliss.

Best Regards.


More beer reports to follow.