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11-28-08, 23:06
Nobody likes Chile?

11-29-08, 02:03
I like it with Nacho chips.

11-29-08, 03:03
I've never been their!


11-29-08, 08:53
0Chile is a totally different animal to Argentina. Essentially the Argentinos hate and despise them. 20 years ago Argentinos claimed all the petty crime was done by Chilenos and I am certain that wasn't true. A high proportion of indigenous people, a very strong work ethic; in the years since Pinochet, a successful economy and in all their border disputes and minor skirmishes, the Argentinos whether in war or arbitration, have always come off second best.

Best indicators are in per capita GDP. 20 years ago, Chile was only 50% of Argentina. Now they are 50% greater. Argentina said to be U$7000 and Chile close to U$10,000. So apart from the racist angle, there is the big green envy animal rearing its ugly head.

Argentina despises all its neighbours. You will never hear good words spoken here about Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia, Chile of course and near neighbour Peru. Argentinos, or should I say Portenos, (the people who live in Buenos Aires) see themselves as a sophisticated European culture and look down on any local culture, their own included. The only time they make anything of it is as a backdrop for tourist advertising. When you make mention that 60% of all Portenos have some indigeneous blood, they deny it vigorously. But DNI advances has established that fact. They don't like it and refuse to accept it.

Chile as a base for mongers has plenty of action but not to the Buenos Aires ideal pursued by visitors here. Despite the fact that the majority of encounters here are with girls from Paraguay and other latino countries, the attraction is the European ideal. Tall willowy woman, sophisticated and insatiable sexual animals. The reality is most are economic immigrants, spreading their lips and legs to support themselves and their extended families who are in a worse state than Argentina. Hard to believe that living in Buenos Aires is seen as a step up in quality of life. Sure they can make some money but most get trapped in a downward spiral. Ask Sidney to recount the plight of the Dominican Republic woman who have become trapped here.

So if you can move away from the 'European ideal', Chile is great.


Sham Bo
12-02-08, 16:42
They worked as domestics, nannys, ho's, etc. Then their wages were cut to 1/3. The money for their families was decimated. Many have been ''trapped'' in AR for years. Never to see their families again! Plus, there is Copa Airlines. Copa charges them the highest possible fares because they have a ''monopoly route'' to RD (the fares are much higher than to the USA) Other airlines cannot be utilized due to visa restrictions.Okay, but if there is a real hard core of Dominicanas in Argentina who are desperate to visit home but cannot due to Copa Airlines, surely it would be profitable to set up a company which will sail them to the RD? An old fishing trawler should do the trick.

As I understand it, much work is seasonal, so they should be able to spare 2 weeks travel time (outbound and return) plus several weeks to catch up with their loved ones. If there's an air monopoly, bust it with a sea business!

12-02-08, 21:22
I will buy a boat! Or Tequila Tim has a ''sloop''. We could be partners?Well you are going to need to crew.

Can I volunteer to be one of the "Seamen" that pilot the boat?

Tequila Tim
12-03-08, 00:51
Well you are going to need to crew.

Can I volunteer to be one of the "Seamen" that pilot the boat?I'm getting my boat ready as we speak: Snowbird, Sidney, myself, and let's say six homesick chicas. Can anyone take the helm when I'm down below taking care of one (or 3) of the homesick chicas?