View Full Version : In BA next week and searching.

12-04-08, 09:48
I'm searching a girl but it's very complicated, difficult to find a site with the price, many post about fake photos, price crasy. Somebody can help me?

Thank's you

12-04-08, 15:44
Why not just go with girls that have already been reported by other members?

Many reports have photos (or links to their internet ads) prices, services, locations, and hours.

12-04-08, 15:54
Because I have the sensation that all girl make price and service always differents for each client, not true? When I look on the website it's difficult, I speak bad spanish and most of the girls don't have email. I just search a good plan without a photoshop girl with a normal price.

12-04-08, 17:47
Your wasting your time.

Take Sportman's advice.


12-05-08, 08:34
Thank's you for your reply, I will search and hope find a good one. If personnaly you have a girl in your contact send me it.

Thank's and have a good day.