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12-13-08, 22:36
Hi Guys,.

Thanks for all the info on BA. I have searched all the websites and would like some feed back on some of my choices please.

Escorts Argentina.

1. Mailen (girl 39) (5997 1495)

2. Lara (girl 42) (3039 4704)

3 Floppi (5261 0980)

Andrea (blonde) on instantos (4375 1511 or 4313 0721)

Ayelin on Biaresplat (3053 9475)


Zabrina and lots of other names (3622 3882)

Paloma (69131710)

Also Melodi from Area VIP (6896 9455)

I know they advertise under lots of names so have included phone number.

I do not speak spanish so some english would be good and I like a friendly personality, fun girl to go with the looks.

Is it best to call them when I get to BA or make e-mail contact first.

Thanks in anticipation,


12-14-08, 10:36
You would be better served if you include links to the girls in your post so members can click to see if they know them. Including PX numbers doesn't really help. Narrow down your criteria to make it easier for members to help you out.

Have you used the search engine for each name you listed, looking for reviews?

Never send them an email as it alerts them to the chance to charge some ridiculous price to a foreigner.

Sounds like you should be contacting Roxanne, the english aspect makes this difficult.

Good luck.

12-14-08, 14:04
Here is a report on Mailen:


There are other reports on her in that thread.