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12-16-08, 21:35
Since everyone is in the process of making year-end lists, I thought I'd start a little thread where we would post our Fuck Of The Year.

As will all fucks of the year, the stars have to align for it to come out the best. Thus, FOTYs are by their very nature YMMV. I'm also a little quirky, I guess. When I have a transcendent experience fucking a girl, I won't do her again. Why mess with perfection? If it's so fantastic, the second time is bound to be a let-down.

Anyway, after much thought, I thought I'd name Antonela from BairesGirls as my FOTY.


She's darker than in the photos and looks a little more Paraguayan and a bit heavier, but she's still cute and it was a fantastic time. Hell, for 150p? I've paid way more for bad lap dances. This was a while back, but I remember things started out nice, she thought I was cute--sweet girl. I asked if I could use the shower first, she smiled coyly, and as I got in she secretly disrobed, jumped in and started making out with me. Fucking hot. I think we ended up fucking for something like two hours and I left completely spent and with a ravishing hunger for food. She's at Libertad & Corrientes, so good thing her apartment isn't too far from El Cuartito. I wolfed down like three slices of pizza afterwards, drank a couple of beers and shot the shit with the guys there. Perfect fucking day.

Fly Guy II
12-17-08, 02:04
Hi All,

OK I will play. For me after 2 trips to BA this year, the most romantic and laid back experience I had was with LucianaLove. Much has been written about her and information is easily found. At no time was there a rush. I guess I enjoyed that most of all plus the kissing. I have some lovely photos of her but won't post without her permission. She has been very careful with her photos she has posted, so I will respect her intentions.

The only drawback is she is not easy to get hold off so my last trip I was lucky. I assume she is busy with other aspects of her life.