View Full Version : Colombia Escorts Info or Forums?

03-17-09, 02:56

I'll be hitting up BA in 28 days! Second time back and I am so glad to have found this board. Thanks to Jackson and all who make this a well of information.

I may be going to Bogata too durring this trip and was wondign if anybody had info / experience with Chicas in Bogata. So any help would be great also if anyone knew of a formum like this one.

Thank you all so much

Rock Harders
03-17-09, 03:29
Hi Slamcity,

Go to internationalsexguide. Info, which is Jackson's primary website and has information similar to this site for every country on the planet. The Colombia forum is very active and contains a plethora of information. For mongering in Colombia, however, I highly recommend going to Medellin or Cali over Bogota.


Rock Harders