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04-12-09, 13:35
A very good Peruvian Restaurant in Belgrano. Just a few blocks from the train station, in the area of Chinatown. Franklin Roosevelt 1627, 4706-1218.

I went there with my Spanish teacher. The Ceviche was great, as was the Prawns, rice disk. I can not remember the name of it.


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10-29-09, 20:03
Was introduced to me by a Peruvian friend.

LOCATION: Roosevelt 1627/ Altura Av. Libertador 6400

PHONE NUMBER:- 4706-1218


FOOD: Excellent (10/10); I have tried several dishes but do not remember the name of the dishes. Ask for the prawn "curry" served with rice, or even the seafood curry served with rice. Also excellent sea food soup or fish soup. Also nice entree's such as grilled fish etc. Their is nothing which I ate there, which I did NOT like. Even the desert is good especially the one made out of fruits found only in Peru.

PRICES: A light to heavy meal with one drink with cost 1 person about 30~70 ARS.


SPICE LEVEL: As required by you! They are able to generate the spice as per your requirement.

TRIVIA: do NOT go there on Friday or Saturday as you will be in a LONG LONG LONG que. Go Mon to Thursday. Best time to go 8 ~8.15 pm. Also open for Lunch. No reservations on phone. Always HOUSE FULL!

NOTE: They serve Ceviches too but its probably NOT the best place to try Ceviche!

DO I RECOMMEND: Absolutely!