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04-30-09, 14:27
El Palacio Espaņol.

This place is architecturally the most beautiful Spanish restaurant in town.

Trully beautiful, about 102 years old and located on B. de Irigoyen 180.

Bring your camera and bring a date. Very nice place.

It should be seen during the day so you can appreciate all of the details.

Statues on the rooftops and intricate mosaics all over the fascade.

That would be the same as 9 de Julio near Ave. De Mayo.

(maybe 5 blocks from Iberia)

That should set your Mongerīs compass .

Anyway, after a low quality meal served by an unappreciative waiter at La Taverna behind the Congresso

I had to write a report about this lovely restaurant.

Murals on the (20) foot ceilings, marble, granite, brass everything. Even the men's room is very nice.

The food is very traditional Spanish cuisine with a lot of seafood and pork dishes to choose from.

Try the paella and you won't be disappointed.

I being VERY picky have NEVER had a decent meal in BA unless it was served at MY place!

It's just a lack of spice or taste in this fucking country!

It's that and cheap ingredients!

Anyway, if you need a nice place to take a nice Chica this will do the trick.


Tequila Tim
04-30-09, 23:54
I concur with TL. I've been to this place several times. It's a beautiful, elegant place with pretty good food at rather modest prices.

02-07-11, 12:56
Some of us ate there a few times last year.

I liked the place and the food.