View Full Version : Carla (formerly / currently Cutty Sark?

Wild Walleye
06-19-09, 13:11
I met this one a while ago thanks to Miami Bob. Dodgerbulldog has some great photos of her and they are all very accurate (could have been taken yesterday) While previously discussed in the Cutty Sark thread, I am not sure if she goes there anymore. My Spanish is weak but I think she said she just does 'delivery' these days.

As previously noted, she has some f-ed up fantasies that she has shared with DB, MB and myself (consistent tenants across the three separate sources) Not sure if they are for real or if she is just really trying to mind-f**k.

If you aren't interested in a hot, twisted, little, energizer-bunny pervert, you should look elsewhere. She is a nympho and has brought a couple of friends along on different visits. She loves cock, pussy and toys. This past weekend she brought Sabrina (a previously reviewed oral specialist -- by MB) The three of us were enjoying drinks in the living room when Sabrina excused herself to the bathroom. When she came back, Carla was on her knees delivering a knee-buckling bbbj. It was kind of funny to be standing there and see her surprised by the spectacle (not that she didn't expect us to get there eventually just by the timing and no warning) Carla called her over and told her to get to work on me and prove her skills.

Studio note: Now this is one of many areas where Carla excels, in taking control of the choreography and making sure you amigo is the center of all activity (although last time Sara made her amiga the center -- which was fine by me -- going down on Carla and orally getting her off once or twice)

Back to the action, they are swapping my amigo back and forth and push me into the bedroom strip me down and throw me on the bed. Their tongues everywhere, dual ball washing and then while one is deepthroating me, I feel the other tongue heading south for besos negros. I put my hands to work on Carla's pearl (not her blackberry) and she was raging.

Studio note: I don't think Sabrina does FS and that was fine with me (she is not particularly attractive)

I mounted Carla and we put on a show for Sabrina. A really long show with many positions (Sabrina took a couple smoke breaks while we were working up an appetite) Carla, who has already popped at least twice, is starting to fade and calls sabrina back to work with her oral skills. They swap back and forth a few more times and start making jokes about how my amigo is evil and that with their skills he should be soft and gooey already. But Sabrina is trying a little too hard and that makes it harder for me to bust. So on with another hat and back to work on Carla's tight little bod. She is saying some really dirty stuff and finally in a lather of sweat and other stuff, I get over the point-of-no-return and blast her with a huge facial (which she asked for) and she lapped it all up.

We hang out and chit chat a bit. They were headed out dancing and I was headed to bed (it was probably 2:30am by this time and we had been at it for about 2hrs)

While Sabrina is lauded as an oral specialist (and she is one) Carla's oral skills are superior (IMHO) She also has a tongue like Gene Simmons.